Does Walgreens have ATM Machines?

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ATMs have made our lives easier and convenient. They let us carry out self-service transactions such as bill payments, cash withdrawals, and deposits. What’s more, with these machines, we don’t need to worry about having internet access to handle our transactions.

These days, ATMs are available in various locations, such as airports, hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals. But are ATMs available at Walgreens? Read on to find out.

Does Walgreens have ATMs?

Yes, Walgreens does have ATM machines where you can withdraw cash. You can withdraw up to $400 at most locations. Some ATM locations have a lower withdraw limit of $200.

What types Of ATMs are available at Walgreens?

Allpoint Network has installed ATMs at approximately 7,000 Walgreens locations across America.

It is the biggest ATM network that has over 55,000 ATMs across Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Allpoint gives people the freedom to get their money whenever they want. Cardtronics, the biggest non-bank ATM operator in the world, owns many Allpoint ATMs.

U.S. Bank has also installed 333 ATMs at Walgreens stores in Nevada and California.

At the ATMs, funds transfers, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals are available to the service’s customers. Further, U.S. Bank customers can print statements, change their personal identification numbers, and order checks.

The ATMs feature voice guidance and bilingual screens for people who have partial vision loss or cannot see at all.

U.S. Bank is a subsidiary of an American bank holding company U.S. Bancorp. Based in Minneapolis, the company offers payment, investment, brokerage, and banking services to businesses and customers. It is the 5th biggest banking institution in America.

Do ATMs at Walgreens have surcharge fees?

Allpoint offers surcharge-free cash withdrawals to Allpoint cardholders. Also, there are no surcharge fees for using U.S. Bank ATMs in the states of California and Nevada.

How much cash can you withdraw from Allpoint ATMs?

The maximum amount that you can withdraw from an Allpoint ATM is between $200 and $400. The good news is that Allpoint does not restrict the number of transactions that you can carry out in a day.

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