Does Walmart Sell Cigarettes, Cigars, and Vapes?

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From children’s toys to groceries and even alcohol, Walmart seems to have it all – but do they sell cigarettes and other tobacco products?

Here’s what you should know about whether Walmart sells cigarettes and other information about purchasing tobacco products at this store.

Does Walmart Sell Cigarettes?

Yes, Walmart does sell cigarettes – as well as a small selection of other tobacco products like cigars, smokeless tobacco, and even rolling papers at some locations.

Besides cigarettes, you can also buy other nicotine products, like nicotine lozenges and gum.

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Does Walmart Sell E-Cigarettes and Vapes?

No, there are some tobacco products that you can no longer purchase at Walmart in the United States as of 2019: e-cigarettes, Juuls, vapes, and vape juices. This change not only includes Walmart locations, but also any Sam's Club in the US.

This decision to end their sale of e-cigarettes was largely due to negative news coverage and health concerns surrounding vaping.

Does Walmart Sell Cigars?

Yes, Walmart does sell cigars. You won't find a huge selection of cigars to choose from, but most Walmarts carry a few different brands for cigar enthusiasts.

Does Walmart Have a Good Selection of Cigarettes?

While specific brands may vary from location to location, Walmart’s variety of cigarettes and other tobacco products is just as wide as you’d expect from a gas station, drug store, or convenience store.

You won’t have as much of a selection to choose from as you would at a smoke shop or cigar shop, but you can still expect to find all the major cigarette brands – including Marlboro, Newport, and Camel – at most stores.

What Do You Need to Purchase Cigarettes at Walmart?

Although you can purchase cigarettes from Walmart, the store chain has restrictions on who can purchase them. To buy any tobacco product, you’ll need some form of state-issued photo ID – like a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or sheriff’s ID.

Forms of ID that don’t come from the government – like a college ID from a university – won’t be accepted at checkout.

Generally, cashiers will ask to see the ID of anyone who looks younger than 40, so people may get carded more often if they’re buying at Walmart compared to smoke shops or other stores.

As far as age requirements go, you’ll also need to be 21 to make the purchase. While some states have already raised the minimum age to 21 for tobacco products, Walmart made the decision in 2019 to raise the age minimum for all their stores, regardless of what your state’s minimum may be.

Keep in mind that Walmart also sells cigarettes in a designated checkout lane – so you won't be able to purchase them through self-checkout or regular express lanes.

Conclusion: Can You Buy Cigarettes at Walmart?

When it comes to purchasing cigarettes from Walmart, you can expect to find tobacco products at most United States locations – although the store chain has ceased tobacco sales in many of their Canada stores.

This does exclude any e-cigarette products, like vapes and Juuls, but many stores do sell nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges. So, as long as you’ve got your state-issued ID and you’re at least 21 year old, you shouldn’t have an issue buying cigarettes from your local Walmart.

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