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12 Free Bullet Journal Printables To Organize Your Life

December 24, 2019 by

Once upon a time, you might have kept a journal or diary which you wrote or even doodled in sometimes when you felt like putting pen to paper but had nothing to say. Now, you can do that in a more uniform and welcome way thanks to bullet journaling. If you aren’t familiar with what bullet journals are, they offer a way to reflect, journal, make lists, and even budget plan all in one spot that keeps you organized. The method was created by designer, Ryder Carroll and first shared with the public in 2013. And these free bullet journal printables make it even easier for you to organize your life in your own bullet journal.

When you write, make lists, or even draw in a bullet journal, you are doing it in a way to keep you on track for certain things. Maybe you feel calmer after a particularly rough day if you can work in your bullet journal. Or perhaps you have daily, weekly, or monthly goals you need to keep track of. Bullet journaling can help with that too. You can totally opt for a plain notebook to get you started, but going with a binder and these free printables can make you actually want to seek out your journal throughout the day and welcome the comfort it can provide.

1. Weekly Printable

There’s no one who can’t get use out of a weekly to-do list. This printable helps you stay on track with the tasks you need to complete every day of the week.

2. Monthly Log

Think of this one as a printable calendar to add to your bullet journal. But instead of a boring calendar with a photo you might not even pay attention to, you can use this format to organize your month ahead.

3. Mood Tracker Entry

Another common use for bullet journals is tracking your mood. You can use these printables to keep track of your moods throughout the month to get a better understanding of how your emotions work.

4. Brain Dump Page

A brain dump page in your bullet journal can serve as a sort of doodle page. Except with this version, you jot down random thoughts and ideas as you think of them.

5. Gratitude Boxes

Sometimes, remembering what you’re grateful for can make a huge difference in your general attitude. So these mini gratitude boxes can help you jot down your reasons daily or weekly.

6. Savings Tracker

Even though a bullet journal doesn’t have to be a savings tracker, you can still include one of these in your journal to keep track of your savings and keep you accountable.

7. Dot Grid Paper

The beauty of dot grid paper for bullet journaling is that you can use it as a guide to draw, write, list, or just doodle on it. It gives you complete freedom to make up the page however you want for whatever needs you have.

8. Reading Log

This one works well if you’re a big reader. And even if you’re not, it can turn you into one. With this adorable free printable, you can keep track of the titles of books you have already read and those you still need to read at some point.

9. Future Planning

A big part of keeping a calendar or even a bullet journal involves planning for the future. This future planning printable can help you do that while giving you your bullet journaling fix.

10. Habit Tracker Wheels

These habit tracker wheels are designed to be printed, cut out, and taped or glued inside of your bullet journal. You can then use them to keep track of household chores, your moods, or even your monthly or weekly bills.

11. Movie Log

Just like the book log, the movie log entry in a bullet journal can help you keep track of the movies you have seen and the movies you plan to see. You could even add little doodles or your thoughts about which moves you loved or hated.

12. Water Intake Tracker

It can be hard to drink enough water daily and this water intake tracker can help ensure that you drink enough. It can also help you track your progress in drinking more per day and per week.

Whether you want to wait until the start of next year to actually start your bullet journal or you want to get it going right now, there is no wrong time to open up a notebook or binder and get to it. Bullet journals can make life a lot easier for those who are more easily distracted. And overall, they can help you get and stay organized. If you have colorful interesting print-outs to help you along the way, it makes it all the more fun and approachable.