Here’s Every Ridiculous Thing You Can Buy With A Million, Billion, And Trillion Dollars

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Ever wondered what you would do with a million dollars? We’ve all thought about this before, and I bet we’ve all had some good brainstorming sessions trying to answer this question as kids.

While a million dollars is still a reasonable sum of money,  you probably won’t be able to buy everything you desire, especially if you dream big. In this article, we’ll take it a step further and look at every ridiculous thing you can buy with a million, billion, and trillion dollars.

What You Can Buy With a Million Dollars

Before we dive into what you can buy with a million dollars, let’s put a million dollars into perspective. Unfortunately, most Americans will never earn a million dollars. Saying this makes it seem like it’s a lot of money, but most important things in life don’t cost a million dollars, or, close to it.

So what can you buy with a million dollars?

Well, if you’ve always dreamed of having a mansion in Beverly Hills, cross that out.

With a million dollars, you could buy a fixer-upper home in San Francisco.

Or, you could buy a beautiful beach-front property down in a tropical country.

Have you ever dreamed of having a fast car? With a million, buy a Lamborghini and insure it for a few years.


If you’re an art enthusiast, you can buy one of the world’s most famous paintings like Pablo Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust,” which sold for $106.5 million.

If you had a million dollars, Gucci and Versace could be your best friend. And of course, you could buy some fine jewelry to compliment your outfit.

Traveling is expensive as it is for us average incomers. However, you could easily travel the world in luxury with 1 million dollars. And, if you want a better option than first class, you can hire a private jet for a cool $500,000.

private jet

You could eat at the world’s most expensive restaurant, which costs $2,173 per person, 460 times.

Do you collect collectibles? With a million dollars, you could grow any collection until you have a room full.

Although the stalk markets are risky, if you’re willing to lose a little, you could invest all your million into one stock or spread your eggs and invest in a variety of stocks.

stock market

You could buy all the sporting gear you ever wished for and participate in the most expensive sports like skiing and horseback riding.

Or, you could put the million into your savings account and use it in-case there’s a zombie apocalypse. With a million, a safe center will likely accept you.

What Else Can You Do with a Million Dollars?

Build a House

If you’re not into buying things, there are some other things you may want to consider using a million dollars for!

Rather than buying a house, why not build your own? Building a home is one of the ultimate ways to show off your success and prosperity. For a million dollars, you could build the house of your dreams. Of course, these days, a million may not build a mansion, but you’d have a beautiful home!

You do a lot with a million dollars, such as designing the house’s interior to your specifications, landscape the outside beautifully, and so much more!

Travel the World

We did mention traveling; however, did you know it’s possible to go a long way on a million dollars? So, why not travel the world in luxury? What a great way to cross some places off your bucket list and have a dream vacation that lasts a few months!

Flying isn’t the only way to travel. You could also take one long cruise or several around the world. You could visit Antarctica, Alaska, and many other fun, exotic locations. Why not consider traveling around Europe for a few months?

What You Can Buy With A Billion Dollars

If you get a hold of a billion dollars, you’ll almost have as much money as the owner of Amazon and Bill Gates. You could buy everything you could with a million dollars. But a billion dollars is essentially a thousand millions. As you can image, you could buy a lot more and bigger things with a thousand million dollars.

So, what can you buy with a billion dollars?

Now that you’re a billionaire, you can upgrade from that lamborgini and buy a limited edition Bugatti Centodieci. Only 10 of these were ever made, and you can go ahead and pick up all 10 of them so that you’re the only person in the world to have one!

Or, if you’re feeling wacky… skip the fancy cars and order 200,000,000 Egg McMuffin meals instead. Now that McDonald’s has all-day breakfast, what’s holding you back?.. Other than death by extreme cholesterol levels.

Forget fixer-upper homes. With a billion dollars, you could buy the White House, which is valued at an easy $397.9 million.

White House

Have you ever dreamed of having your private island? Well, here’s your chance. A decently sized island in French Polynesia will cost you $8.6 million. If you wanted to buy more islands, or buy one and still have room in the budget to build a house, you could aim to buy a cheaper island in Belize for $4.5 million.

Fancy a castle? You could buy the Balmoral castle off the queen for $65 million and run it as a tourist attraction, or shut it down to tourists and live in it yourself.

Take travel to another level by buying a friend and yourself a round trip to the moon. There’s a company called Golden Spike that will take you there for $750 million. You can also walk on the moon, but that will cost you $1.5 billion, just out of your budget.

Instead of taking a jet, you could buy a jet. With 1 billion, you could squeeze 2 Airbus A380’s into your budget costing $810 million.

Airbus A380

You could buy tens of thousands of the most expensive dog breeds, including the Samoyed and a high-end French Bulldog, which range between $9,000-$11,000.

If you’ve been to Hawaii, you’ve likely heard of Lanai Island. It’s the smaller of the islands but has about 3,000 inhabitants. If you want a piece of the Hawaiian Islands, you could try to convince the current owner Ellison to sell it to you for half a billion.

Or if tech startups is your thing, you could even buy entire app companies such as SoundHound, Design this home, Fruit Ninja, and Hipstamatic.

What You Can Buy With A Trillion Dollars

A trillion dollars is an unspeakable amount of money. No single person has hit this milestone yet. But if you did manage to win the all-time lottery, a trillion dollars could virtually buy you anything you want, and more.

So, what can you buy with a trillion dollars?

Well, you could buy everything you could with a billion dollars, but more of it. You could also buy any company in the world.

Almost every billionaire seems to want to own a sports team. However, as a trillionaire, you could buy an entire league! Since most teams are valued at around $1.4 billion, it would cost you around $45 billion. So, buy the NFL and make every day a super bowl!


A trillion can buy you 64 million tons of chocolate, or 1.33 trillion chocolate bars.

If you voted not to spend the money on anything crazy, 1 trillion divided up would give you a guaranteed income of $6.2 billion per month for life. Only work if you get incredibly bored.


And if immortality did ever become real, a trillion would give you a daily allowance of 1 million for 3,000 years.

You could help poor students go through college. And not just a few of them. With tuition costing around $30,000 per year for a private school, you could pay for 8.3 million students to complete 4 years of schooling each.

You could buy an iPhone for every American or 92% of India’s population.


With a trillion dollars, you can use it to make a significant impact on the world and fix large-scale problems. A donation of 1 trillion could solve Africa’s hunger problem, find cures for many diseases, help sick people and animals get better.

Donate to Charity

If you had a billion or trillion dollars, you may want to think about donating some of it to charity. You can choose your favorite charity to give the money to or donate to several charities at the same time.

Another option is to donate part of your funds to education or to support organizations that support those affected by natural disasters around the world.

No matter what, the charity you choose will welcome your money and support.


Well… Back to reality. While most of us won’t ever make a billion, trillion, or even a million in our lifetime, it’s nice to know what each level of wealth could buy you.

And, after reading this article, you’ll be better prepared to decide case you do luck out big time.

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