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How Does Home Depot’s 11% Rebate Match Work?

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Home Depot is a well-known retailer for home improvement and construction supplies, offering customers a variety of options for their projects. One of the key features that sets Home Depot apart is their 11% rebate match program. This program promises to match the rebates offered by other retailers, making it an attractive option for customers looking to save money on their purchases. However, with any rebate program, there can be confusion on how it works, what the policies are, and how to claim the rebate. In this article, we will examine the ins and outs of Home Depot’s 11% rebate match program, including how it works, the rebate policies, excluded products, the expected timeline for receiving the rebate, and how to track it. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or just starting out on your home improvement journey, understanding the 11% rebate match program can help you make the most of your shopping experience and save money on your purchases. So, let’s take a closer look at how Home Depot’s 11% rebate match works.

What is Home Depot’s 11% rebate?

Home Depot offers regular customers an 11% discount on in-person purchases to get shoppers to shop at its stores.

This will help to put a lot of money back into the pockets of homeowners who are making big home and garden improvements.

You can see the dates of the upcoming promotions on the Home Depot website. Home Depot offers the 11% discount promotion in cities and states with Menards stores.

If you live in a city with a Menards store, it is probably the case for you too. For some reason, rebates aren’t applicable in the Menards stores in Lexington, Kentucky. However, they are if you shop in the Louisville stores.

Does Home Depot offer an 11% rebate?

Home Depot will give you an extra 11% discount on certain items by giving you a store gift card. Items that are offered as rebates at Home Depot are not price capped, but you can get a store gift card for a dollar.

Home Depot is offering an 11% rebate on eligible items at certain locations. Promotions are still happening. Home Depot is currently running a special promotion where shoppers can save an extra 11% off qualifying merchandise through March 12, 2022, in some stores.

We’re betting that Home Depot will offer promotions on other dates in the future. Also, stay up to date with announcements that are posted on the Home Depot website and on their other websites.

How does Home Depot 11% rebate match work?

Home Depot frequently gives people a big discount by offering large discounts on big purchases. You can claim a cash rebate by shopping at eligible Home Depot locations and filing a claim online at least 30 days after you purchase the product.

Via Online

The fastest way for you to get a Home Depot rebate is to submit it through the home website. It is faster and easier to submit your claim online, as it keeps you from receiving lost mail or submitting the incorrect information.

Visit the Home Depot 11% Rebate Portal. Find the form that corresponds to your home improvement purchase. Submit the form by mail as an alternative. Choose the rebate form that fits your date of purchase at Home Depot.

How Does Home Depot’s 11% Rebate Match Work?

Send by Mail

You should submit the Home Depot rebate by mail instead of submitting it in person, as we do not accept returns in stores.

You can fill out a rebate form and then mail it to your local Home Depot location along with your sales receipt. Answer the questions on the rebate form and then attach a copy of the sales receipt to the form.

What are Home Depot 11% rebate policies?

Home Depot provides customers with an 11% rebate in many stores across the country. If a store near you offers a rebate on items purchased during the rebate period, you will receive a store gift card to redeem the rebate.

You must show that you have received a receipt from the store. If your receipt is not acceptable, store associates can provide one for you. If no one can provide a receipt, the store can request one.

Subscribing to the Home Depot Rewards program requires you to fill out a special claim form, which must be completed and submitted with your receipt. The reward is a Home Depot gift card. You may not get a cash rebate for online shopping.

You will receive a Home Depot gift card in the form of a store gift card. If you buy an in-store item, you will receive a store credit (a gift card) for the item’s value.

It may take up to 8 weeks for Home Depot to refund a customer’s money or give them a gift card.

What are the excluded products?

Home Depot excluded several name brands and items from their 11% cash back rebate, like Weber, John Deere, gift cards, and more than 1,300 pages of products.

Rebates are only available for in-person purchases; online purchases are excluded. You cannot use gift cards on any of those items. It is not possible to claim the rebate on any product you purchase by going to Home Depot.

If you must spend a lot of money, I recommend that you (1) go to, (2) look for the product you want to buy, (3) use the Ctrl + F to select that product, and then check to see if it is one of the items that are not allowed to be purchased.

Services like freight and delivery, truck and tool rentals, and purchases with gift cards are exempt from this restriction.

How long does Home Depot 11% rebate take?

Home Depot awards rebates on a first-come, first-serve basis. They will act on it as quickly as possible if you submit a proper request for a Home Depot rebate. You should see your refund in your email about 4-6 weeks after you submit your request.

You’ll get your Home Depot rebate by email about 4-6 weeks after you submit your rebate request. If it’ll take you ten more weeks to receive a refund from Home Depot, just give them a phone number and ask them to let them know that you’re not yet receiving a refund.

You will receive a tracking number that lets you see your rebate claim progress. This is the same number you provided when submitting your rebate claim. This can be easily tracked using the Home Depot rebate ID, which you should have received when you submitted the rebate claim.

You may also want to monitor it by filling in the form with the information you need to verify the information, such as name, phone number, address and zip code.

How to track Home Depot 11% rebate?

Tracking Home Depot rebates is made simple with the Home Depot rebate tracker. You can track rebates with or against a number. Simply enter the number that you receive and enter it onto the tracker.

If a tracking number is available for the rebate you want to receive, you can just click the link and track the rebate. If you can’t track your rebate electronically, you’re obligated to give us as much information as you can. This includes your name, address, phone numbers, email, and zip code.

You may also call Home Depot customer service at 1-866-451-1357 to track your Home Depot 11% rebate.

In conclusion, Home Depot’s 11% rebate match program is a valuable resource for customers looking to save money on their home improvement purchases. Customers can make informed decisions when shopping at Home Depot by understanding how the program works, the rebate policies, and the excluded products. Additionally, knowing the expected timeline for receiving the rebate and how to track it can help ensure that customers receive the full benefits of the program. Overall, taking advantage of the 11% rebate match program can help make your home improvement projects more affordable and enjoyable.

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