How to Prepare for Movers? A Simple Practical Guide

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How to Prepare for Movers

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Moving can be a daunting process whether you need help finding a reliable moving company in Los Angeles or assistance with packing your furniture. Preparation is key, and there are many ways to make the moving process go smoothly. To help get you organized, we’ve put together this practical guide which provides essential tips and advice on what to do before movers come! Use these tips to enjoy a flawless stress-free relocation!

What to Do Before the Moving Date

Donate and sell items

Donating items you no longer need will provide much-needed support to local charities while clearing out unnecessary clutter from your household. You can also consider selling items you don’t want to bring with you — sites such as Craigslist and eBay offer great reasons to part with larger pieces of furniture or electronics, as well as bring in some extra cash for the move. Whether it’s donating, selling, or just going on a massive spring cleaning spree, sorting through your possessions before leaving is one of those tedious yet necessary tasks that comes along with getting settled in a new place.

Pack your items & label boxes

If you are wondering what to do before movers come, it is important to pack and label your items in advance to ensure they stay safe and undamaged while in transit. This will also keep you organized while moving and unpacking because you’ll know exactly what’s in each box without having to open them all up. You may even want to consider labeling a few boxes as “priority” so that these can be unloaded first when you reach your destination. It will save you the time and energy of digging through a mountain of boxes in search of the basics such as kitchenware or linens.

Clear the path for movers

Taking care to clear the path for your movers will make all the difference in streamlining the process. Start with making sure items are eventually placed where they can easily be moved: for instance, by removing furniture from high-traffic areas or rearranging items in storage spaces such as garages and closets. Clearing debris such as rugs and other durable objects from walkways is also key for a seamless transfer. If possible, try and keep fragile or large items out of the movers’ way to lessen distractions and breakage.

Plan for small children and pets

Planning is key when you’re preparing for the movers, especially if you have small children and pets. Moving can be a stressful time, so make it as simple as possible for yourself and your little ones. Set aside items that will help your kids adjust to the move such as their favorite toys, books, and blankets. If you have pets, make sure to separate them in one area of the house during the moving day process to avoid any unnecessary stress or agitation. Additionally, it’s important to remember that while the movers are taking care of a lot of your heavier items, they may not be familiar with caring for family pets or kids so plan accordingly!

Take care of things movers won’t move

Keep in mind that movers don’t transport smokers’ items, plants, and perishables — unless you make special arrangements with them. Valuables such as jewelry or passports shouldn’t be entrusted to movers. You should have these on you or store them away in a secure place. Pre-arrange for these items to be disposed of properly or keep them with you if needed.

Moving Date Tips

Provide movers’ parking instructions

Make sure your movers are aware of alternative arrangements for where to park their car or moving truck. It’s a good idea to let them know in advance if you can secure a parking lot or space, so the relocation is well-organized from the beginning. Make sure you double-check any posted signs for times and rules — you don’t want an illegal parking ticket showing up during this nerve-fraying time.

When the movers arrive, greet them at the door, and give them a tour of the home

When the movers arrive, greeting them at the door is an important step to ensure that the move goes smoothly. Give them a short tour of your home, show them where you’d like items to go, and thank them for their help. Let them know which items are fragile or require extra attention. Then, step back and let the professional movers do their job.

Be available for assistance

When the movers arrive, it’s important to be available to help, if necessary. It’s your stuff, so who knows your things better than you? It always helps to be present during the moving process, so if the movers have any questions about where or how something should go — even if it seems obvious — make sure you respond promptly and pleasantly so you can ensure everything is handled correctly. Knowing that someone is there to help can also make the whole process smoother for everyone involved.


Moving house is a stressful experience, but with a little organization and planning it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. This article has given you all the necessary information about how to prepare for movers so that you can make your relocation as stress-free as possible. Good luck and happy moving!

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