The 10 Most Expensive Cats in the World

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Feline friends are a great addition to your household. They have such unique personalities. They can be shy and silly or cuddly and curious. They are intelligent creatures that love to nap, play, and eat.

However, cats can be way more expensive than you might realize. Some breeds of cats cost an exorbitant amount of money, while some breeds require extensive medical care to ensure they live long and healthy lives.

You might be surprised at which cats fall into the most expensive cats in the world or you might be surprised to find some you expect to not be found on this list.

Here is everything you need to know about the most expensive cats in the world.

The list of expensive cats could be quite lengthy so we’ve narrowed the list down to determine and discuss the 10 most expensive cats and all you need to know about them.

1. Ashera

COST: You can expect to pay up to $125,000 to acquire an Ashera and plan to pay some hefty vet bills with this hybrid species.

The Ashera is the most expensive cat breed on the market. This is a domestic designer cat that closely resembles the serval and the African leopard. It is extremely rare and has the price tag to prove it.

This particular breed has a beautiful coat and is a specialized breed. They are highly sought after but also hard to get your hands on. They have the best feline features and a coat that sports spots and stripes as well as pointed ears.

The Ashera is a large cat that can weigh nearly 30 pounds full grown. While they are bred as house cats they are bred from species that were not house cats and they maintain a bit of wild nature.

The Ashera cat was developed by a biotech company, named Allerca Lifestyle Pets, based in Delaware. They have said the Ashera cat breed is a combination of a combination of a domestic cat, a Serval cat, and an Asian Leopard cat. Unfortunately, the company has never provided breeding records for these beautiful cats. For this reason, some have questions about the authenticity of these large kitties. In fact, the Savanah Cat Association has said that the Ashera cat is only a hoax, and these are truly Savanah cats sold for very high prices.

We’ll leave that for you to decide! No matter what, these are beautiful cats!

2. Savannah

COST: If you are in the market for a Savannah cat, you can expect to spend around $50,000 and plan to have high vet costs for routine care and maintenance because of the specialized hybrid breed.

The Savannah is one of the very species from which the Ashera is bred. The Savannah is bred to have domestic cat and serval in it. It has the ears of a serval with the size much closer to a domestic cat.

The Savannah cat has been classified as a breed since 2001 but they were not recognized as a championship breed until more recently in 2012. They can weigh up to 20 pounds depending on what generation they are.

Savannah cats have beautiful spotted coats with long hair. They are soft and their colors can vary as well. The Savannah cat is quite domestic and friendly but also very playful and can fend for themselves well.

Savannah cats are known to be very loyal, intelligent cats who are full of curiosity. They’re usually not the best pets for first-time cat owners.

These beautiful, large cats have a coat that’s dense, short, and easy to brush about once a week. When it comes to temperament, these kitties are very athletic, active feline fur babies. They are not hesitant when it comes to leaping to the top of the kitchen cabinets or the fridge! In fact, Savannah cats can easily jump about 8 feet up!

Some pet parents say these adorable felines are always looking for something to get into. They love to explore and have fun. They also say Savannahs are more like dogs than cats. Another unique trait of these cats is that they love water and will jump in the tub with you!

Moreover, because these kitties are intelligent and dog-like, they’re trainable. Some pet parents are even able to leash-train their Savanah cats and take them outside for exploration and fun!

3. Bengal

COST: When you purchase the Bengal cat, you can expect to spend around $5,000. They do require routine vet care as any animal might but do not display as many health issues as some breeds.

As you can see, there is a theme of domestic cats bred with wild cats that have stripes or spots. These tend to be the most expensive breeds of cats. The Bengal was bred from Asian leopard and Egyptian Mau and has a beautiful coat.

The Bengal is a realistically sized that lives for an average of 16 years. This is the top expensive breed that is most relatable to domestic cats and their life spans, characteristics, and sizes. This cat was specifically bred to be domestic while looking wild.

Bengal cats have wild temperaments that digress through generations. The recommendation is to select 3rd generation or later for the best temperament and a great addition as a domestic family cat.

4. Persian

COST: The Persian is far more affordable than our first 3 breeds on the list, but you can still expect to spend about $3,000 – $5,000 to obtain one.

The Persian cat came from Persia, as the name suggests. Persian cats have a very memorable facial structure with a small facial build. They have very round faces with short muzzles.

Persians can live up to 17 years and they enjoy naptime. They are picky about who they are loyal too but trusting of their caretakers. Your Persian would most likely avoid guests while wanting to be shown regular affection by you as an owner.

Persians require pampering and luxury and are considered exotic cats. Persian has many associated breeds such as Himalayan, Chinchilla Longhair, Sterling, and the Exotic Shorthair.

5. Peterbald

COST: Peterbald cats can cost up to $3,000. They do require some vet care to ensure they do not have skin diseases or if they do their coats are properly cared for.

The Peterbald is a short-haired cat that was originally bred in Russia. They are quite similar to hairless cats in appearance. These cats are quite unique in looks and characteristics.

Some of their striking characteristics include small heads, long and narrow bodies, webbed feet, and large pointed ears. There is no specific color a Peterbald might be found in, their colors can vary.

Peterbald cats are calm and mild. They like children and can easily find companionship with various other pets. They are not highly territorial and are smart and affectionate.

6. Russian Blue Cat

COST: The Russian Blue Cat typically costs anywhere from $1,500 – $3,000 and does not typically have extensive vet care needs for the breed.

The Russian blue cat might appear to be gray but they are really blue. Their coats can vary from blue-gray shades to shades of silver and gray. These cats have beautiful eyes and thick fur that is super soft to the touch.

The Russian Blue Cat is popular for its coloring and fur. They have sought after personalities that make them enjoyable pets. They are very loyal and develop strong bonds with those they trust.

These cats can be quite small or they can grow to about 15 pounds. They are also known to have extended life spans with reports of some living up to 25 years, although the average is typically about 20 years.

7. Scottish Fold

COST: A Scottish Fold cat will be in the range of $1,500 – $3,000 when purchased. It’s important to have them routinely monitored by a vet for their ears.

The Scottish Fold cat is known for its ears. They have small ears that fold forward, giving them the appearance of almost having no ears at times. The features of this cat are often compared to that of an owl primarily because of the effect of the folded ears.

The Scottish Fold cat is a beautiful long-haired cat that can weigh up to 13 pounds. You can also find short-haired cats of this breed. They can be found in various colors and patterns and they have soft hair.

These cats are gentle and easy-going. They adapt well and are quite lovable in nature.

8. Sphynx

COST: You can expect a Sphynx cat to cost up to $2,000.

The Sphynx is highly sought after particularly for its lack of hair. This hairless breed is popular because allergens are reduced. They have a very unique appeal that is not for everyone.

The Sphynx is not hairless as they appear but rather have a super-thing layer of fine hair that does not shed like typical fur coats. Their skin is soft and their colors can vary. They typically have tons of adorable wrinkles and large ears that set them apart.

The Sphynx is playful and energetic but also affectionate and loving.

9. American Curl

COST: The American Curl breed cat is typically priced around $1,200

The American Curl is named such because their ears curl. The curl of these ears does not have the same effect as those of the Scottish Fold. These cats are actually born with straight ears and the ears begin to curl within their first week of life.

It’s important to be aware that there are certain standards for the curl of their ears which is related to health reasons and mutations of the breed. This is a long-haired breed that is silky to the touch.

American Curl cats are timid and friendly. They typically have beautiful coats and colorings as well.

10. Ragdoll

COST: A ragdoll typically costs around $1,000.

The ragdoll is a stunning cat from its bright blue eyes to its gorgeous long-haired coat with distinctive colors. Ragdolls were named as such because when they are picked up they go limp and allow you to carry them much like a rag doll.

These cats are light but can be up to 20 pounds. They are easygoing cats that love attention and are very attached to their owners.


In addition to the cats listed here, you can expect any specialized breed to cost a decent amount of money. As you can see, prices can vary greatly and the rarer the breed the more expensive they are likely to be.

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