The 15 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

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The concept of fine dining refers to a number of details. Not only does the menu at the restaurant need to exhibit explicit meal courses, but the restaurant also needs to be embellished in exquisite décor itself. These luxurious restaurants offer the best quality ingredients, a fine wine list, and some of the most delicious food you’ll ever find.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual reality experience to accompany your dinner, or an underwater table with spectacular views, these eateries have something to offer for everyone. Scroll below to discover the top 15 most expensive restaurants in the world.

1. Sublimotion


Location: Ibiza, Spain
Price: $2000 per head

Run by the 2-star Michelin chef Paco Roncero, Sublimotion in Ibiza provides customers with an experience like no other. The virtual reality experience lasts up to 3 hours and accommodates 12 diners per table. With the arrival of each course, the setting around you transforms as well, ranging from vivid green forests to a high-tech club.

Located in the Hard Rock hotel, diners can expect to shell out nearly $2000 per head for a 20-course tasting menu, that includes edible entry tickets and often changes annually. With its blend of exquisite food and advanced technology, it’s no surprise that Sublimotion won the Best Innovation Food & Beverage award in 2014.

2. Masa


Location: New York, USA
Price: $595 per head

Founded in 2004, Masa is a Japanese and sushi restaurant created by chef Masa Takayama. You can only reserve a table at this 26-seater eatery 3 weeks in advance. The restaurant offers a tasting menu prepared by head chef Masa himself and costs $595 per head excluding tax and beverages.

Using seasoned ingredients, Masa offers dishes such as Kobe beef and is known for its simple yet exquisite sushi menu. One of the most opulent restaurants in New York, you are sure to run into some A-list celebrities while dining at Masa.

3. Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy

Location: Paris, France
Price: $555 per head

Guy Savoy has two locations, one in Las Vegas and a flagship restaurant in Paris. While you can order entrees off the a la carte menu averaging at $125 a dish, the main tasting main at this eatery comes with a hefty price tag costing $555 per head, while a meal at the Chef’s table costs $650 per person. The famous 13-course set menu features entrees such as barbecued pigeon, aubergine caviar, and ‘festival of Lobster,’ sure to delight any diner.

4. Ultraviolet


Location: Shanghai, China
Price: $570 per head

With only one table in the entire restaurant, Ultraviolet is one of the most exclusive eateries around the world. This 3 Michelin star restaurant combines other sensory experiences such as audio, scent, and visual effects to go along with their delicious dishes.

Diners can enjoy a 10 to 20-course menu, with each course championing a different ingredient for $570 to $900 per head. Headed by chef Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet only offers 10 seats and a great staff to patron ratio.

5. Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville

Location: Crissier, Switzerland
Price: $415 per head

Supplying some of the best food Switzerland has to offer, Hotel de Ville is a 3 Michelin star restaurant that was originally found by chef Benoit and his wife Brigitte Violier and is currently run by chef Frank Giovanni.

Hotel de Ville is recognized for its exceptional food and offers an 11-course tasting menu at $415 per head with exquisite dishes such as a fillet of lamb, Somme Bay scallops, and cristallines de charlotte. The restaurant also offers a 40-page wine list and a luxurious ambiance for diners to enjoy.

6. Noma


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Price: $454 per head

Located on a former Navy land, Noma is known for blending unusual seasonal ingredients together, producing some of the most creative and delicious plates of food worldwide. The restaurant features a waterside view and holds 2 Michelin stars for its impeccable menu, as well as 1 Michelin Green star for its sustainable practices.

The restaurant is known for its imaginative dishes such as a butterfly flatbread and celeriac shawarma, and offers a tasting menu starting at $454 per head excluding drinks. You can pair soft drinks with your meal for an additional $162 per head, and wine for an additional $292 per head.

7. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten

Location: Kyoto, Japan
Price: $390 per head

Founded back in 1948, Kitcho is now run by a third-generation chef named Kunio Tokuoka and offers exquisite plates of Japanese cuisine featuring local and seasonal ingredients such as tofu and sea urchin. The restaurant offers options for a 10-course tasting menu that ranges in price between $390 and $450 per head for lunch and dinner.

Known for its great ambiance, Kitcho is decorated with tatami mats and low tables, representing a traditional tea house. With a 3 Michelin star rating, diners can expect delicious food and a great experience overall.

8. Restaurant Le Meurice

Restaurant Le Meurice

Location: Paris, France
Price: $390 per head

One of the most exquisitely decorated restaurants in the world, Restaurant Le Meurice is dripped in luxurious décor such as antique mirrors, rich wallpapers, water inspired sculptures, and crystal chandeliers. Founded by Alain Ducasse, this eatery has earned 2 Michelin stars.

Restaurant Le Meurice offers 2 dinner tasting menus that range between $300 to $384, excluding taxes and drinks. Both menus offer three to four courses followed by a selection of chocolates and cheese. Inspired by Le Salon de la Paix at Chateau de Versailles, this restaurant is based on Ducasse’s concept of ‘essential

9. Maison Pic Valence

Maison Pic Valence

Location: Drome, France
Price: $375 per head

Headed by Anne-Sophie Pic, one of the only few female chefs to run a 3-star Michelin restaurant, Maison Pic Valence is the epitome of exquisite French cuisine. Located in Southeast France, this restaurant offers a delicious 9-course tasting menu priced at $375 per head, which features dishes such as deer marinated in sake lees squab, Mediterranean Rouget, candied turnips, and heavenly chocolate desserts.

The food served at Maison Pic Valence is not only delectable but also presented wonderfully, making it a lovely experience for all diners.

10. Per Se

Per Se

Location: New York, USA
Price: $355 per head

With stunning views of Central Park and Columbus Circle, Per Se is one of New York’s most expensive eateries. Created by famous Michelin star chef Thomas Keller, this restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. Per Se holds an award-winning collection of wine, with over 2000 bottles to choose from.

The restaurant has 19 tables and 2 tasting menus including one vegetarian, and one Chef’s menu that changes frequently. Both tasting menus come with a price tag of $355 per head, but if you want to sample a bottle of wine to go along with your meal, your bill is likely to be upwards of $600.

11. Ithaa Undersea

Ithaa Undersea

Location: Rangali Island, Maldives
Price: $320 per head

The world’s first underwater restaurant, Ithaa allows customers to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and its aquatic life while they dine. The restaurant is located in the luxury resort Conrad Rangali, and can only be accessed by hotel guests.

Located 5-feet under the sea, Ithaa offers a six-course dinner tasting menu that costs around $320 per head. The food served is a blend of modern European and the local cuisine, is accompanied with fine wine, and is headed by Italian chef Marco Amarone.

12. Aragawa


Location: Tokyo, Japan
Price: $270 per head

Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Aragawa solely offers its diners an a la carte menu. However, with the cost of each entrée being relatively high, customers can expect to easily spend between $270 to $350 per head at the restaurant.

Aragawa is located in the basement of an office building in Tokyo, and unlike the other eateries on this list, isn’t commended for its décor or ambiance. However, this restaurant features some of the most luxurious meats such as Kobe and Wagyu beef, attracting meat lovers from all around the world.

13. Schloss Schauenstein

Schloss Schauenstein

Location: Furstenau, Switzerland
Price: $260 per head

Located in an 18th-century castle nestled between the Swiss Alps, Schloss Schauenstein is headed by chef Andreas Caminada and features exceptional food through an exquisite 6-course menu with dishes such as goose liver with goat cheese, and seared trout with a tarragon sauce.

The restaurant has earned 3 Michelin stars for its cuisine, as well as 1 Michelin star for its sustainable gastronomy practices. The food is served in luxurious porcelain tableware and ranges between $260 to $298 per head.

14. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Location: London, UK
Price: $180 per head

A 3-star Michelin restaurant, Alain Ducasse in located in one of London’s most luxurious and iconic hotels, The Dorchester, and features the best of contemporary French cuisine. Known for providing an incredibly luxurious and comforting environment for diners, the restaurant is currently headed by chef Jean-Phillipe Blondet and features his interpretation of Ducasse’s famous cuisine.

You can find some traditional French dishes such as ‘sauté gourmand’ of lobster along with some more modern plates such as truffled chicken quenelles. Although diners can also order from an a la carte menu at the restaurant, the iconic 6-course tasting menu costs $180 per head, while a 7-course truffle menu will set you back a whopping $343.

15. Le Pré Catelan

Le Pre Catelan

Location: Paris, France
Price: $150 per head

Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Le Pre Catelan doesn’t get its hefty price tag from a tasting menu, but from its expensive al a carte options itself. An entrée and a dessert alone are likely to set you back $150 with dishes such as Duck foie gras and lobster with French caviar costing upwards of $100, and most desserts costing approximately $50.

This 3-star Michelin restaurant is located in an iconic location within the Bois de Boulogne, and features an impressive wine cellar. With its impeccable service and delicious food, it’s no surprise that Le Pre Catelan is recognized to be one of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris.

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