How Much Money Does MrBeast Burger Make?

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On December 21, 2020, MrBeast Burger launched in 300 locations across 35 states. Three months later, it announced it has sold 1 million burgers.

So how much does each burger cost, how much money did they make, and what are the economics behind MrBeast Burger? Are they profitable or losing money? What does this mean for the future of restaurants?

In this report, we'll break down how much MrBeast Burger makes.

How much money does MrBeast Burger make?

Let's do some math.

If we look at the numbers, burgers at MrBeast Burger cost between $6.99 and $8.99.

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If we take the average ($7.99 per burger) and times it by number of burgers sold (1 million burgers), we can estimate that MrBeast Burger made around $8 million in around 3 months.

Divide that by 3 months and we get $2.67 million per month.

In a year, that's $32 million per year that MrBeast Burger pulls in.

But that's not the full picture.

MrBeast Burger also sells other items besides burgers. They sell chicken sandwiches, fries, drinks, and cookies. None of these were included in the calculations.

mrbeast burger menu

If we account for “sides” as a generous 20% on top of the burger sales, MrBeast Burger actually makes around $38 million.

Future earnings for MrBeast Burger

The math above is just from the first 3 months. Now there are a lot of variables. When MrBeast Burger first launched, it received a lot of hype and press. It was in the news and everyone was tweeting about it.

However, fuel from media coverage always dies down after a while.

How much can MrBeast Burger make organically without relying on press?

Well, unlike a lot of businesses where you'll see a huge spike in orders after the initial launch hype, and then die down to almost zero in the coming months… MrBeast Burger is different.

MrBeast Burger has MrBeast, who has over 50 million subscribers on YouTube and over 10 million followers on Twitter.

His reach across all his social media channels is close to 100 million people.

That means that MrBeast doesn't really need press. His reach is even greater than the typical press mention can drive anyways.

Just promoting it organically to his audience is enough to continue to fuel the orders. And as MrBeast Burger expands to more and more locations, their #1 rankings in food delivery apps does more than enough to sustain the massive order loads.