PEMF System for Traveling – Why NASA Leverages It and So Should You

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Long-distance traveling is tiring. Sitting for hours can cause muscle stiffness, internal injuries, and pain. Some people cannot sleep at all until they reach their destination. This leads to sleep disturbances that result in more discomfort. When you are out on a journey, you find it hard to carry all of your wellness equipment. Even if you miss your bed and pillow. But regular travelers need to get something amazing that comforts them and relieves them during their trip. The PEMF system for traveling has become a new traveling accessory. 

How PEMF Works To Ease Traveling

NASA was the first to recommend the use of pulsed-field therapy for astronauts. It helped at restoring their internal body conditions caused due to the absence of an electromagnetic field. If it is effective for astronauts, it is effective for travelers too.  

PEMF therapy is the treatment method of the current era. It works for many issues. It eases your journey-related health problems. Sitting for hours or staying awake slows down your cellular communication. The major impact of this is reduced energy, nutrient uptake, and detoxification. The disharmony in the body’s environment appears in the form of symptoms like body swelling, stiffness, reduced circulation, and tissue repair. Booze of pulsed electromagnetic waves restores your entire body’s homeostasis. Exposure to the electromagnetic field stabilizes the cellular membrane potential in people on the go. 

The good thing is the therapy successfully supports other traditional modes of treatment like medication, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques.

Which PEMF System Should I Choose?

Which is the best traveling PEMF equipment? The answer depends on your individual needs.  

  1.     Know Your Health Concern

Travelers usually prefer to get a device that is light, handy, and portable, which is true most of the time. Another factor that is a must-consider thing is the nature of your illness. Whether you buy a stay-home or a traveling device, knowing the nature and cause of the disease is the most important thing. Some electromagnetic tools target a specific body area like pads, bands, and applicators. Others might be used for achieving full-body system maintenance like PEMF mat

  1.     Know Your Desirable Settings

Your health expert suggests your required frequency and intensity based on your body condition. Inappropriate settings would not yield the desired results. Pay close attention to these features while selecting the device. 

  1.     Adjustment Settings

Many wearable devices like pads, wraps, and bands are perfect for traveling. If you want to use wearable PEMF devices for travel, make sure that these fit you well. A good fit is neither too tight nor too loose. A tight fit may cause sweating, bruises, and itching. A loose fit does not remain in place and slips off the area. It should stay properly in the body area.

  1.     Portability

Portability and mobility are important to consider in a traveling device. A heavy complicated system can be managed in-home and medical settings but not in travels. Such a tool would make your journey uncomfortable rather than make it smooth. Moreover, a charging station might not be available to you all the time. Thus, battery-operated small portable devices are a practical solution when you are on the go. 

  1.     Budget

During travels, there is a great possibility of things getting lost or damaged. Avoid purchasing a fancy expensive device for traveling, a traveling PEMF system should be affordable with limited essential features. It frees you from the tension of keeping it safe all the time. 

  1.     Search Before You Buy

Do maximum research before purchasing the product. Customers usually love to share their feedback on the product. Check out its customer reviews and ratings. Visit authentic sites showing a variety of PEMF equipment. Trustworthy companies offer reliable warranties and after-sale services. 

PEMF Mats for Traveling 

Among other therapeutic devices, these mats are the most popular gadget among PEMF users. It is due to many reasons. These mats are light in weight and easy to assemble, pack, and carry during excursions. Besides, these are easily executable anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, PEMF treatment mats offer a wide range of settings that you can modify according to the demands of the session. 


Being ill does not mean that you cannot travel. In fact, patients should work, move and participate actively in day-to-day activities. If you want to travel but are worried about physical exhaustion or health concerns, take a PEMF device with you to add comfort to your journey. Just choose the right device with user-friendly features.

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