Sign Up Bonus Apps: Earn Money With The Instant Bonus From These Apps

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Did You Know That You Can Also Use Apps To Make Money?

There are a number of apps that offer sign up bonuses. These bonuses are often small amounts of money, but they can add up over time.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best sign up bonuses that are available on apps. We are also going to provide a list of the apps that we think are the best options for earning money with the sign up bonus.

So sit back, relax, and read on to learn about the best sign up bonuses that are available on apps!

Apps That Offer Sign Up Bonuses

Open your phone or computer and start scrolling through the app store, and you are likely to find a number of apps that offer sign up bonuses.

Some of the most popular apps that offer sign up bonuses are:


LifePoints is a free online rewards platform that offers members the chance to earn points by taking surveys or doing other activities like product testing or behavioral analysis. They have members from over 40 countries, and they have awarded more than $22 million in rewards to members in the last year.

LifePoints was created by Lightspeed, a global research and analysis firm. They offer members the chance to earn points for completing online surveys and other activities. LifePoints is a hub for online market research and allows people to help shape the future of products and services by sharing their opinions.

LifePoints is a real reward platform for anyone who is 18 years old. If you complete a survey, you will actually get the points that you promised. When you finish a survey, you will start earning points. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will receive real cash as a result.

LifePoints members can earn points by completing various surveys, which is the main way that you can earn money. LifePoints lets you access all of the available surveys at any time by going to the site’s home page. LifePoints sends out survey invitations by email every month.

LifePoints rewards you based on how many surveys you answer, and each survey has different reward rates. Longer surveys mean more points, and more valuable feedback is rewarded.

You’ll get more for your points if you redeem them for a gift card or a charitable donation of at least $5 (a $1.80 donation to UNICEF may give you less value). LifePoints are worth about 9 cents each when you redeem them for a gift card or a donation to a good cause.

It may take up to 10 business days to receive the money, depending on whether you redeem for a gift card or a PayPal credit.


Swagbucks gives you real money by allowing you to earn free money for doing the things you love. Swagbucks offers reward points for doing the same things that you do every day online. 100 Swagbucks is worth $.01 in cash, or you can get free Amazon gift cards. You will be able to get Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, or even a check in the mail. You can redeem your Swagbucks rewards for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, or even a free check. You can redeem rewards for as little as $1 or 100 SB.

Swagbucks has paid out more than $600 million in free Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash to its members.

Most people who join Swagbucks will make between 100 and 1000 bucks a year.

If you have enough Swagbucks points or other rewards when you complete a survey, you will receive the Swagbucks reward when you complete that survey.

Different companies who partner with Swagbucks have different requirements for their survey participants. Some companies even create a pre-screener to try and find out if you are eligible to take their surveys. Swagbucks does not promise that you will be able to answer all the surveys, but it does promise that you will try. You will still earn some SB points even if you disqualify from a survey, up to 5 SB per day.

If you try out 5 different types of surveys, you should be able to finish at least a couple of them. And even if you don’t qualify for every single one, you’ll get 5 SB for free.

Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn pays out fairly well for the surveys that you take. It will pay you for the points you earn when you answer their surveys. If you live in the UK, US, CA, or AU, it will pay you fairly well for the surveys you take. However, it can take a long time for you to be able to earn enough money to reach the top amount of money that they offer.

When you first log in, you will quickly be shown a list of available surveys that you can take, the amount of money you can earn by answering them, and the survey title.

You simply need to click on the Take Survey button next to the survey you want to answer, and the new window will open. If you qualify, you will receive an email inviting you to answer the survey. You will need to answer some qualifying questions to be able to take part in the survey. This is a process where you will have to qualify to take the survey.

Before you will be able to receive any survey invites, you will have to complete your profile. But you will need to take a lot of time to complete your profile in order to receive many survey invites.

You should also keep in mind that Opinion Inn will credit your account as soon as the survey is over. Some surveys credit the account very quickly. Some surveys will credit you very quickly with your rewards. It might take as little as a few days.

You can earn up to $25 on some surveys. This can help you decide whether to join that site or not. You would like to work on a site that pays you well. That said, you will definitely want a site that pays well but offers plenty of other ways to earn money from surveys.



Sign Up Bonus Apps

Robinhood rewards its users in different ways. It rewards you if you tell your friends to join the platform. Robinhood rewards you for completing trades with a huge amount of confetti after every trade. You get free stock by referring friends to Robinhood.

Buy Low, Sell High is the basic strategy that every successful investor follows to earn money. Now, suppose you love the product you use every day and decide to buy shares in the parent company that makes that product. That is, say you love that product and decide to buy stock in the company that makes it. If the company has a large number of shareholders, it could be worth more than $100 per share. If you decide to purchase shares in an online stock market, you pay $10 per share.

One other way that investors can make money with Robinhood is by collecting dividends. Companies that offer dividends to their shareholders pay a portion of the profits they make to those who own their stock as a reward for owning their stock. Dividends are paid when a company decides to share profits with its shareholders rather than reinstating profits back into the business.


MobileXpression is basically a panel that allows you to provide them with information that will enable them to make decisions on the products that they want to sell. They will pay you for the information that you supply.

MobileXpression is actually owned by Comscore, a renowned leader in online behavior and trends.

MobileXpression works like any other survey panel. Once you install the app, just tap the new icon and allow MobileXpression to collect data from your mobile device.

What it does is it will actually collect data about you and all other things that you do online and offline on your mobile device.

It collects information anonymously from all its users and then combines that data to understand the trends in the usage of mobile phones.

Companies can use this information to help them make better decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies, and they are willing to pay for it. That is how you can earn money just by installing the MobileXpression app.

MobileXpression offers to pay you for the information that they get from their mobile app. It is very unlikely that they will use any of your personal information to collect your credit card information or any of your passwords.


InboxDollars connects brands with consumers who want to buy things from them. InboxDollars was founded by an ex-college student in 2000 and is still run by the same person today.

InboxDollars lures you in with a $5 signup bonus or a free $5 to start earning cash. If you sign up with InboxDollars, all you have to do is provide your email address, create a password, and then confirm that you signed up with them. And you get $5!

There are also some mobile offers to earn from $0.10 to $3.50 just for downloading some of the free apps that are available on the site. By giving them your location, you can earn $0.05 per scan when you scan products in stores.

There are even offers from companies that allow you to earn money by working for a gig economy or investing. If you sign up for an account with InboxDollars, you can earn up to $150 by becoming an UberEats Driver. And they’re offering to pay out $75 to new Stash clients.

There are many additional ways that you can earn money with InboxDollars such as watching online videos, redeeming coupons, entering contests, downloading free apps on your mobile device, and much more.

There are so many different ways to earn money with InboxDollars that it would be difficult for us to review them all. We did pay attention to the Watch Online Videos and Redeem Coupons options.

If there is a downside to InboxDollars, it’s that they have a very high minimum cash out requirement. You can only request your first payment if you have earned $15. You can request additional rewards after you earn $10, but only after you have at least $10 in your account.

Jobs2Shop is a GPT site that promises to pay you real money if you do the tasks that they offer. These are the types of offers that you will see a lot of.

In, you will be offered tasks to complete and a specific reward will be given for each task. The money that you earn from doing each task will be credited to your account once you have finished the task.

You will need to subscribe to several different websites, watch some videos or read emails.

Part of what they offer is free trials. It is tricky because almost all paid trial offers require that you register and pay with a credit card to start earning money.

Remember that the trial offer will have a specific period when it is free. But you have to cancel the offer before the trial period ends. If you cancel before the trial period ends, you will be charged the money that you paid for the offer. It will automatically start charging you when it ends.


Sign Up Bonus Apps

Acorns is a micro-investing platform that allows members to automatically invest money that is earned from making purchases on their Acorns account.

Acorns members get extra money shopping with the 350+ retailers that Acorns works with. Simply link your credit or debit card to your Acorns account and start shopping. The merchant will earn a percentage of what you spend by sending a check to your investment account. If you shop online with one of our 350+ partners, the retailer will deposit a percentage of what you spend in your account.

Zap Surveys

Zap Survey is an app that allows you to take surveys on both Android and iOS devices. It is quite easy to use and earn money by taking surveys. Zap Surveys is owned by the company Apps That Pay, which owns a lot of other paid survey apps and survey sites.

You will earn money from doing paid surveys, but there are a few other ways to earn money online.

Surveys are offered by different companies that are run by third-party portals – Peanut Labs, TabResearch & Poolfish For Good. All of these are legitimate and reputable. Zap Surveys uses only legitimate and reputable survey providers, which means that you can trust them and work with them.

If you take a survey on one of these different portals, you will be asked to provide the same information again (age, gender, income, etc.) and you have to do that for each of these portals. This can be a bit annoying, but it is very necessary for survey sites like Zap Surveys to work.

You can also get a little bonus by sharing a link to Zap Surveys on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

If you click on one of the social media sites, it will take you to the platform where you can share a link to Zap Surveys in order to get more people to participate in the survey. You will then get a reward for every time you share a link to Zap Surveys on Facebook or on Twitter.

It will give you $0.50 for each platform that you share the link to. You will get this bonus once, but it will not increase your earnings even if you share your link many times on Facebook or Twitter.


PointClub is a survey site that pays its members for taking online surveys. It will take you as long as it takes to complete a survey, but it will add points to your account after you complete it.  PointClub is owned and operated by the same company that owns and operates iPoll.

PointClub accepts users from the United States, as well as other countries.

But for international users, some of the information that is on this site may not be available or appropriate.

Some rewards are not offered to international users, and if you are not eligible, you may not receive certain rewards.

PointClub offers you surveys that you can complete, and pays you for doing so.  But first, you must join the site to receive the surveys. It’s completely free to become a member.

After you join PointClub, you must also create a detailed profile, which will help them determine which surveys you are eligible to take.

Once you are a member, you will see the surveys that they recommend you to take. They will ask you questions based on the information you provided in your profile.

You will see how long it should take you to complete the survey and how many points you will receive for doing so.

You must qualify for the survey to be able to take it, and if you do, you will receive payment for doing it. If a survey matches what you’ve provided in your profile, that doesn’t automatically mean that you should do it. You’ll need to complete a few pre-screening questions in order to qualify for the survey.

You will need to answer a few questions in order to qualify for the survey and get paid for it.

Those who qualify can then take the survey, and the points that you earn will be added to your account. If you don’t qualify for the survey, you can simply start another one again and try to get paid again.

One Poll

OnePoll is a paid survey site based in the United Kingdom. You can earn money by answering surveys and earning points by referring friends. OnePoll provides market research services to companies, businesses, and people like you get paid for taking surveys and other simple tasks. OnePoll is currently accepting survey respondents from all over the world.

There are several ways you can earn money with OnePoll, such as completing surveys, participating in competitions, inviting friends and gaining bonuses.

OnePoll is a legitimate survey site, but there have been some complaints about some of the surveys offered. One of the issues with OnePoll is that there are only a few surveys that you can participate in, and the chance of being disqualified very often. Some members complain that the rewards are very small, making it hard to reach the withdrawal threshold.

You will have to sign up on the site to become a member. You can do this from anywhere in the world. One of the requirements to become a member of the OnePoll site is that you must be 18 years old. This is a bit restrictive, as some survey sites have changed the age requirements to 13 or 14 years.

You will only have to provide basic information when you register with OnePoll, which is your name and email address. Before you start participating in surveys, you will have to answer a series of questions about your personality and hobbies. Sometimes, the information asked is a bit personal, and this may scare some people who are concerned with their online privacy. Site respects the privacy rights of every member and does not share your private information unless you have given it to them.

One of the ways you can earn money on OnePoll is by inviting friends to join the site. OnePoll has a generous referral program where you can earn money by referring friends.

Sign Up Bonus Apps



Signing up for FusionCash is easy and free. Just click this link and fill out the basic information. You will get a $5 bonus for signing up. Click this link to become a member of FusionCash. Click the link, and answer a few questions about yourself. Then you’re set. You automatically get a $5 bonus just for signing up for this survey site, which gives you a good jump start on getting cash out.

The minimum amount you get paid from FusionCash is $25. This is about average for survey companies.

The way their system works is that your payout is usually processed the 20th of each month, when you request to cash out. It takes between 1 and 5 business days to receive your money. You will get your money about 1-5 days after that, depending on which method you choose.

Branded Surveys

If you’ve been doing surveys for a while, you’re probably familiar with Branded Surveys (or, which was previously known as Mintvine. Mintvine is owned by Branded Research and founded in 2012. The survey site has good reviews and attracts survey takers like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

It’s easy to join and is open to US, Canadian and UK residents. You can join by using your Facebook account or by sending them an email.

It’ll be worth a lot of money to earn money from this site right away. Once you log in, you’ll need to do a quick profile setup for an entry worth 50 points ($0.50).


When you join, you’ll need to complete your profile. It’s easy to do; it just takes a few minutes to fill out a few questions on your profile.

It’s easy to get more surveys, improve your trait score, and earn more money by doing what is right.

This gives PaidViewpoint a way to find out what traits you have that will allow them to determine if you are eligible for surveys. They will also ask you questions that you already answered when you started your PaidViewpoint account. If you answer correctly, you can easily increase your trait score over time.

Toluna Influencers

It is possible to join a survey site like Toluna Influencers and get paid for registering and doing so.

There is a good number of surveys available, and usually you will get access to at least 5-10 per week, but sometimes it is much more.

There are many different kinds of surveys you can take, and how many you can get will vary a lot from country to country.


Shopkick is an app that allows you to get reward points and gift cards from retailers. You can get a free gift card just by walking into a store and scanning the barcodes on the products that are sold. It’s as easy as turning on your location service and checking out the stores that are offering free items.

You can use the app whenever you want to get a free gift. If you open the app and turn on location services, the app will show you nearby stores that are offering kicks.


Ibotta is kind of like the modern day equivalent of saving money by searching the newspaper to find coupons and other promotions, or taking coupons to the store to redeem them.

Open the Ibotta app and browse the offers from your favorite grocery stores.

The way you earn money is easy, no complicated ways to get money back or even getting a gift card. If you spend more than $20, you can either redeem the money back via PayPal or Venmo, or you can redeem the money back as a gift card.


Sign Up Bonus Apps

Rakuten is a rewards company that lets you earn money by shopping and using its mobile apps and web site. Rakuten lets you earn cash back or rebates when you shop at Rakuten stores and online.

Rakuten users can save money when they shop by using the Rakuten mobile app on their Apple or Android device or by logging into the Rakuten website.


Checkout 51 is a cash back app that allows users to get cash back for purchases made at supermarkets, gas stations, and online stores. This is a simple, easy-to-use app that you can use for free. You can find cash back offers by looking in the app and then uploading a picture of your receipt to prove that you bought something. You will get a small cashback when you use Checkout 51 to shop at grocery stores, gas stations, and online stores.

There are restrictions to some of the offers, such as whether you can use coupons or not, and how many times you can claim the offer.

Every Thursday, new offers are added to the app, which are available until Wednesday. Some cash back offers are limited to a certain number of users. You can request a check by sending an email or requesting to receive a payment via PayPal.




MyPoints is an online rewards program that has helped more than 9 million members earn Points for more than 20 years. Members can earn Points by doing regular shopping, watching videos or reading coupons. MyPoints members earn points for each purchase they make from their favorite stores.

It is estimated that you can earn as much as $1.01 per hour by doing surveys on MyPoints. This is fairly low when compared to some of its competitors.


BeFrugal is a site that allows you to stretch the amount of money that you have saved by getting cashback on purchases that you make every day. You can download the BeFrugal app from the App Store or Google Play. It lets you earn rewards for your everyday purchases simply by using your phone to shop.

If you wish to make a withdrawal via PayPal, direct deposit, or check, you must have earned at least $25.

If you wish to withdraw the money that you earned as a gift card, the minimums that you must meet will vary. It will take approximately 10 days to receive the money that you have earned after you make the withdrawal.


You can join Nate’s inner circle to get exclusive perks like gifts and invitations to events.

Nate creators get cash bonuses and perks when they achieve certain milestones. Earn 5% Cash Back when people buy things from you.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a free app that lets you earn points by scanning a shopping receipt and then redeeming those points for gift cards or other great rewards.

You can earn rewards by scanning paper or digital receipts and taking advantage of shopping offers. You can also earn rewards by referring friends. Once you have earned $3, you can buy a range of gift cards by clicking on the Buy button on the Fetch app. And since 1,000 points equals $1, you’ll need to have 3,000 points to redeem money.


Groupon is a website that allows you to find great deals on food, entertainment, spas, events, and even gym memberships. Most Groupon deals are only available at certain times of the year.

Groupon discounts are only valid for a specific time. Some Groupon offers are valid for 24 to 72 hours after they are announced and posted on the site; after that, the discount is no longer valid.


Raise is an e-commerce platform that lets users buy and sell gift cards for a good price. Raise is an e-commerce platform that lets sellers sell physical or digital gift cards in addition to other products that Raise offers regularly.

Users can sell and buy gift cards on the Raise marketplace, and when they sign up, they can sell or buy gift cards online. Shopping on Raise allows you to buy or sell gift cards for as little as 1% and as much as 30%. When you shop for a gift card on Raise, you will save a lot of money.

Dosh App

Dosh makes money by taking a percentage on each transaction that occurs when you use its network of cashback partners. Dosh can take a percentage of each transaction it facilitates in exchange for referring new and repeat customers to the merchants it partners with.

Dosh gives you cash back when you spend money in many different ways when you shop, dine, or even book a hotel. No need to print out coupons or scan receipts. Just download the app and use one of your favorite payment methods, such as Venmo or Jelli.


Pei used to allow you to withdraw money by using PayPal or gift cards, and gave you a 1-3% bonus on top of your earnings when you bought gift cards, but those features are no longer available.

If you choose the Bitcoin option, you’ll need to create a Bitcoin wallet for your Pei account. Because there are federal laws and regulations pertaining to cryptocurrency holdings, it’s necessary to have a social security number, a picture of your ID, and a link to your bank account.


Netspend offers prepaid debit cards, prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, and other prepaid card solutions to U.S. customers.

With the Netspend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard, you can easily create up to 10 different Netspend accounts by allowing them to be linked together. Netspend limits you to spending a maximum of $5,000 each day. Do not forget that adding more accounts will cost you $1.95 each month.


Aspiration is a kind of online-only cash management account that has features similar to traditional savings and checking accounts.

With Aspiration, you’ll get $200 for signing up for a Spend & Save Account, similar to a checking and savings account, and depositing $10 or more to open that account.

SoFi Money

SoFi Money is a cash management account offered by SoFi Securities LLC. It is similar to a checking or savings account and provides customers with the ability to earn interest on their money as long as they meet the requirements of the account.

It has many features that are similar to traditional checking and savings accounts. The account has no minimum balance requirements, and there are no monthly fees. Customers who meet the minimum balance requirements will earn interest on the money that they put in their account.

Cash App

Users can transfer money to and from their cash account using the Cash app, or they can use their debit card to make payments electronically.

Users can invest as little as $1 by buying stock options. Stocks can be bought using small pieces of money that are called fractional shares, which allow investors to get a small stake in a company by buying small shares that are called fractional shares. Users can also buy, sell or transfer Bitcoins using the Cash App.

Cash App does not charge users for ad space or for sending money or receiving money. It does not charge fees for inactivity or foreign transactions. Users can even get a free debit card to use against their accounts. Users can use their Cash Card to make transactions and withdraw money from their Cash App account.


BlockFi and Coinbase allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but BlockFi is also a bank. It lets you borrow money against your crypto assets. BlockFi offers a service that lets you borrow money against your cryptocurrency assets to buy cryptocurrencies and pay them back with interest.

BlockFi lets you borrow money in U.S. dollars to buy crypto assets – and it offers interest rates as low as 4.5%. You can receive the money immediately or pay it back as soon as you want. You can receive funds the same day and pay it back as early as you want, without worrying about any penalties for not paying it back.

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