The Best Online Games To Play Together

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One of the most popular queries in the search is what you can play with a friend online and often gamers do not care about the genre or type of game – session or constantly evolving, it is important for them to look at all the options and choose what they like best.

It is worth considering that not all proposed projects are free, but their purchase can give you joint leisure for a long time.

It is best to choose projects where you can either play together and develop against a common opponent, or a format in which you will compete with each other.

Consider the options:

  • FIFA 23
  • Destiny 2
  • CS GO
  • Apex Legends

The Best Online Games To Play Together


The iconic football simulator that has always been a great format for playing together over the Internet, or on one PC using gamepads, or using consoles from Sony or Xbox.

You can play against each other in a regular duel where you simply select the format, teams, kit and start your duel with a clever key cover when taking free kicks and just find out who is the best virtual soccer player of the two of you.

The second option and a more interesting format that will allow you to play for a long time and compete with each other is to go to FIFA Ultimate Team, get into one division and play, including against each other, competing as a playing squad and moving up the divisions to the list of the best players.

It is worth knowing or remembering that in FUT you do not receive a declared team and its current playlist, but you will improve and develop a set of random players and your playlist by purchasing or mining game sets with random football players of varying degrees of value.

You can help yourself, and at the same time surprise your friend – by buying fifa coins and significantly improve your playing composition with the desired characters before the next confrontation with a friend and games in divisions, which will help you quickly gain a rating to increase the league and move on to more complex and interesting opponents.

Destiny 2

One of the most interesting and striking shooters in the MMO RPG genre, which is designed for small groups, including squads of two people.

Ideally, of course, play in a group of three heroes, but two can do a good job.

This is because there are three main characters in Destiny 2:

  • Titan is a shooter and defender, a master of close combat, easily knocks down enemies at close range, can put up a shield, protecting himself and allies from direct damage, but does not save from flank attacks and shots from the rear and grenades.
  • Warlock is a marksman and master of AoE damage and a support class. Deals powerful AoE damage, fires, and creates special zones to regenerate and buff yourself and allies.
  • The Hunter is a marksman and a master of melee and ranged attacks. It is well controlled with any kind of weapons, including daggers. Master of grenades and high damage with ignoring the target’s armor.

You must agree on which combination of classes you will use.

There are many options, up to two tanks in a group, which will feel great in battles due to high defense indicators, but will not have means of salvation in the event of a critical drop in health.

An attacking class and support is a great option for a comfortable game if one of the players is ready to sacrifice their fun from dealing damage in favor of playing a defensive role, but with the priority of issuing equipment, the weapon will go to the attacking class.

You can take two full-fledged attacking classes, but in many events and raids you may experience a serious lack of treatment and protection, but you will feel great while pumping in the so-called grind for the extraction of glimmers and other resources.

In addition to going to raids and strikes, where you need to clear difficult temporary zones and locations for pumping, there are many more pleasant and beautiful places for walking and exploring space, especially if you play together with your soulmate.

Explore the planets, including the new Neptune, which became available for quests, pumping and travel as part of the continuation of the study of the history of the Destiny 2 universe.

The Best Online Games To Play Together


Perhaps the most famous session shooter in the gaming industry, and a direct descendant of the famous CS 1.6. At the end of summer, players are expected to switch to a new, second part of the game, but until this happens, you can perfectly play regular CS:GO, which has long been free.

You don’t even have to go to ranked matches and play with three random teammates that you still have to lead in order to achieve consistent victories and win matches by increasing your rating. The community in CS:GO leaves much to be desired, so you should only rely on yourself – fortunately, unlike Dota 2, you can independently influence the outcome of the match if you have good playing skills, but of course it will always work.

For playing together in CS:GO, there is an ideal mode called partners.

These are ranked games where two players from each side play.

The format is standard for matchmaking, but cut in half – you will play 15 rounds, not 30, until one of the teams takes 8 rounds.

The number of maps is limited exclusively to the most basic stripped-down versions with one bombsite and two lines of attack.

Regardless of your goals in CS:GO – partners are a great mode to train defense and knocking out a bombsite with small forces and alone.

For victories and defeats, the same principles of ranks, their promotions and demotions are applied, depending on the outcome of the confrontation and personal contribution to the fate of the duel.

Apex Legends

Apex is considered one of the most fast-paced battle royale games due to the vibrant combat system and skills that are assigned to all agents available to choose from to play on the game map.

The general canons remain unchanged – you still land on unfamiliar territory without equipment and must find weapons and ammunition for fighting enemies and surviving. The winner is the player or team that will be the last survivors on the map.

Considering that there are a lot of enemies around, not only taking the top 1 is considered a victory. but also a high kill and survival rate as a factor in ranking promotion.

Apex Legends has a similar rating and division system as in all sports simulators due to the fact that the game is represented by EA Games – the authors of FIFA 23 and similar sports projects.

You will also be able to play in matches where groups of two people participate and your other opponents will be presented in a similar composition.

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