Every Walmart Intercom Code Explained (Even the secret ones)

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walmart intercom codes
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Whenever you are shopping in Walmart, you are bound to hear staff members use the intercom. The words you hear likely won’t make much sense to you because they are specific to the company.

So, what do they all mean? How do you decipher what the intercom pages mean?

What Do Walmart's Secret Intercom Codes Mean?

There are four different types of codes that you can hear over Walmart’s intercoms. These codes include:

  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • A couple of word codes

While specific words and phrases for each code exist, it can be challenging to remember what they all mean. For that reason, we will break them down here.

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Many of Walmart’s codes revolve around letters. Employees are trained to recognize what each color signifies.

  • Code White – This code means an accident or another type of incident has happened within the store.
  • Code Red – This code means there is a fire of some type within the store.
  • Code Orange – This code pertains to a chemical spill in some location inside or outside.
  • Code Black – This code comes about when there is dangerous and severe weather in the area.
  • Code Brown – When you hear this code, it means that there is a shooter on the premises. Make sure to follow employee instructions.
  • Code Green – This code means that there is an active hostage situation taking place.


There are a few codes that Walmart uses that are associated with numbers. These codes are typically directed to a specific department in the store.

Code 300 and Department 51 – These intercom codes call attention to the security team and are typically followed by a specific store area or an extension to call. This action is alerting their attention to a location that needs their assistance.

Codes 15 and 60 – These codes help security staff alert others that they are going on a 15 or 60-minute break and will therefore not be surveilling the area.


Walmart uses one code that includes a letter pertaining to customer service needs within the store.

Code C – When an associate hears this code, they know that customer service is needed in a particular department. The speaker will typically specify this department along with the code.

Walmart's Secret Code Words

Walmart has two codes that you might hear over the intercoms that are phrases instead of letters, numbers, or colors.

Code Spark – When this code comes over the intercom, it means that the register area of the store is overwhelmed and needs all hands on deck. Associates from all departments are expected to come and operate registers, bag items, and help with returns or carts.

Code Adam – This code is specific to missing children. When a child is reported missing while in the store, Walmart will share this code, and employees will monitor each entrance until the code is lifted. This code name is in honor of Adam Walsh, a child who went missing in a Walmart store in 1981.

Conclusion: What Are Walmart's Secret Intercom Codes?

Walmart's workforce has many interesting codes and procedures (like dress code and calling in sick). There are a variety of intercom codes that you can hear when roaming the aisles of Walmart. Although you likely haven’t understood what any of them meant, now you will.

Between numbers, letters, colors, and code words, the messages you hear on the intercom can sound like a foreign language. However, each has its purpose and helps the store to operate smoothly.

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