Walmart’s Employee Dress Code Explained

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walmart employee dress code
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Until 2018, Walmart followed a relatively strict dress code that limited the garment options employees could choose from. However, the store now abides by a much more lenient dress code policy that provides more freedom for its employees.

Scroll down below to learn all about Walmart’s current employee dress code.

Walmart Employee Dress Code Explained

Walmart employees can now wear denim jeans in any color of their choice. They are also allowed to adorn shirts of any color that feature any pattern they like.

All employees are even allowed to wear sneakers instead of dress shoes while working in-store.

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Regardless of what outfit an employee chooses to wear, they still have to put on Walmart’s iconic vest and a name tag during work hours.

What types of trousers can employees wear?

Employees are allowed to wear denim jeans, chinos, slacks, skirts, and capris in color they like.

They cannot wear activewear or loungewear such as leggings or yoga pants while on the job.

Employees are also prohibited from wearing ripped jeans, bedazzled trousers, distressed denim, or any pants with frayed edges.

Are employees allowed to color their hair?

Yes, all employees are allowed to dye their hair. Unless an employee’s manager decides that their hair is coming in the way of their work or causing a distraction, they are free to style their hair as they wish.

Are employees allowed to get piercings and tattoos?

Yes, all employees are allowed to get piercings unless they might cause a hazard. Hoop earrings for example are prohibited as they may get caught on something in-store.

All tattoos are also allowed unless they may appear vulgar, insensitive, or offensive.

Are employees allowed to wear hats?

Yes, all employees are allowed to sport baseball hats as long as they are Walmart hats.

Cashiers are prohibited from wearing any headgear.

Final Thoughts: Walmart Employee Dress Code

Ever since 2018, Walmart has been following a relatively relaxed dress code policy (as well as a more lenient late policy) that allows their employees to dress however they like. Employees can choose colors and patterns of their choice, and pick from a variety of types of trousers to wear. All employees however have to continue to adorn Walmart’s iconic vest and nametag.

Walmart now also sanctions employees to experiment with their hair color, get piercings, and even sport tattoos unless they cause a hazard or appear offensive in any way.

Therefore, as long as employees are dressed respectively, they are allowed to wear whatever they like while working at Walmart.

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