What is Walmart’s Cash Back Limit?

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walmart cash back limits
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You go shopping at Walmart and pay with a card or check, but you also need some extra cash to take with you on your way out.

Instead of making a trip to a nearby ATM or to a bank, you can just ask for some cash back at the cashier.

The only requirement for getting cash back at Wally World is you must have made an in-store purchase.

What is Walmart's Cash Back Limit?

You can get cash back at Walmart in increments of $20, up to a total of $120 in cashback transactions. The limit depends on the payment method used.

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  • If you pay with debit card, you can get up to $100 cash back – both from regular cash registers and self-checkout registers.
  • If you pay with personal checks, you can only get $20 cash back, and it has to come from a regular cash register.
  • Finally, Walmart participates in a Discover cashback program. If you pay with Discover, you can get up to $120 cash back from both regular registers and self-checkout registers.

Debit Cards for Cashback

Debit is the easiest way to get cash back at Walmart. It leaves you the option to use whichever register you prefer or is available to you, and you can get up to $100.

The main drawback is that your card might have a daily dollar transaction limit or a limit in the number of transactions. If you are unsure how this fraud-protection measure will affect you, a quick phone call to your card company should resolve the issue.

Also, unless you participate in your bank’s overdraft program, you cannot cash in on a money total greater than what you have in your account. Overdraft programs tend to have a predetermined amount you can take over your account’s limit and a fee.

Getting cashback through a debit card works like this:

  1. Shop. You must be a paying customer.
  2. Checkout at any register.
  3. Run your card as debit.
  4. The machine will ask if you want cashback. Tell it yes. If not, tell the cashier.
  5. Enter your PIN.
  6. Pay for the shopping total with the cashback total.
  7. Receive your cash with your receipt.

Personal Checks for Cashback

Cashback for personal checks is limited to $20, and you can only get it from regular cash registers.

To get your cash back using a personal check, go through this process:

  1. Shop in the store.
  2. Checkout at the regular register.
  3. Tell the cashier that you want $20 cashback.
  4. Write your check for the total for your shopping and your cashback.
  5. Pay for the shopping total with the cashback total.
  6. After verification, receive your cashback with your receipt.

Discover Credit Cards for Cashback

When you pay for your Walmart shopping with a credit card, you need to use Discover to get cashback. You can get up to $120 at any register.

Just like the other payment options, credit cards have a similar process for receiving cash back:

  1. Go shopping.
  2. Checkout at any register.
  3. When the machine asks if you want cashback, tell it yes.
  4. Tell it the amount you need.
  5. Pay for the shopping total with the cashback total.
  6. Receive your cash with your receipt.

Conclusion: What is Walmart's Cash Back Limit?

Walmart’s cashback limit can be $20, $100, or $120, depending on the payment method you use while shopping. But each of these has a simple process to give you the pocket money you need from your checking and credit options.

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