Why Consider a Bergen Bilutleie for Cross-Country Road Trips

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Suppose you are considering renting a vehicle for a Bergen trip from other side of the country. There are a lot of things you need to consider. These trips are usually a month-long activity for visiting friends and family members or going back home to your childhood home. This is a simple guide for individuals looking to go on extended road trips, not for individuals visiting a place for a short getaway.

But people found out that cross-country trips are a lot easier, as well as cost-effective, when renting a vehicle instead of driving their camper van across the country because these things are fuel-guzzling vehicles. Not only that, families tend to enjoy the journey while driving unique cars instead of their RVs.

So to drive their RVs back and forth across the country more than once a year would cost them a lot of money, as well as would add thousands of miles to their odometer. Therefore, they save a lot of money by renting vehicles when they go on cross-country journeys. In this article, we will take a closer look at why people should consider renting automobiles on cross-country trips.


One reason people consider this option when making a Bergen trip is that it’s a lot cheaper compared to driving their own car. And rental automobiles tend to be cheaper than purchasing commercial flights and renting a vehicle to get around their destination.

For instance, if a person travels from the East Coast to the West Coast, it usually costs them at least three hundred dollars per individual. And then, renting a vehicle from the airport will end up being a twenty-five dollar per day additional expense.

So if they instead put all their funds towards leasing an automobile that is a budget of at least six hundred dollars, minus the fuel expenses. Using websites to estimate fuel prices on cross-country trips, the cost of driving RVs round-trip would be at least five hundred dollars.

Mind you; these websites calculate the cheapest fuels along the route. And then people need to factor in the wear and tear they will put on their personal automobile. But by chartering a car for around five hundred dollars (for one month), individuals will get a Nissan Sentra.

Also, by using apps to find the cheapest fuel, the cost of gas with rental car round trips would be around two hundred dollars. But the benefit of rental cars is people do not have to factor in the wear and tear since they will be returning the auto to the company when they are done with their journey.

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Price comparison

  • The total cost of using a personal vehicle: Wear and tear and $600
  • The total cost of using rental vehicles: $700
  • The total cost of flying commercial and leasing: $1,000+ (the price varies depending on the number of tickets people need to buy)

Comparing prices of three different options of either renting cars, using personal vehicles, or flying commercial and chartering an automobile for cross-country trips is a no-brainer. Chartering a vehicle is about a hundred dollars more expensive, but people do not have to worry about the condition of their own vehicle before, during, and after the journey.

Mind you, professional oil changes for cars are around a hundred dollars, so it equals out with the maintenance upkeep. Obviously, if the individual has an economy auto, it might be a lot cheaper to drive their car cross-country. But they need to weigh the price of putting the wear and tear on their personal auto or chartered vehicle. This leads us to our next reason why people need to consider leasing on cross-country trips.

Not putting wear and tear or miles on personal cars

The biggest issue when it comes to driving personal auto on these tours is the wear and tear owners would simply do on their cars over a short period. And not to mention adding more miles to the odometer. Therefore, individuals think leasing an auto will save money on repairs and maintenance in the long run.

Their vehicles can also run much longer if they do not put miles on them for a long cross-country journey. As we mentioned before, professional oil changes for automobiles run around a hundred dollars. So people traveling over four thousand miles on these tours usually mean they will need oil changes before starting their trip.

Why Consider a Bergen Bilutleie for Cross-Country Road Trips

Unlimited miles

Before, people used to get a certain amount of miles they could drive using Bergen rental automobiles, and then they would pay additional charges for extra miles they went. But things have changed in this industry, and most firms come with unlimited miles to sweeten deals.

Therefore, people usually travel long distances in one trip without having to pay more for the mileage they use. Another reason individuals need to consider when leasing a car on these long drives is that they are not adding more mileage on their personal auto.

Have an automobile to drive around when they are around their destination

Another way for people to save more money when leasing a vehicle on these long drives is to avoid flying commercial to Bergen and rent an auto anyway. Therefore, they can cut out the costs of flying to their destination. But individuals need to make sure to compute the price of fuel to see if flying is a lot cheaper compared to driving or around the same price.

For instance, two round-trip flights will cost around three hundred dollars per person; if the person is traveling solo, it might be cheaper compared to leasing a car. But having an automobile to drive around the destination can save them a lot of money. Unless they plan to walk around the area or there’s cheap (or free) public transportation, rental cars are usually more inexpensive compared to getting an Uber, Lyft, or taxi every time they need to go somewhere.

Better mileage

One way to justify money saved by leasing vehicles on the next long drives is to find automobiles with good miles per gallon. Most firms have the best and latest models and make of car brands. For instance, newer vehicles can go up to forty miles per gallon on the freeway. And for individuals that want to save a lot of money for these trips, it is a huge help.

A simple tip:

To save money when booking rent-a-cars, choose economy options, which will offer excellent gas mileage for these types of long drives.

Avoid hotel fees

Another reason to consider this option is to avoid expensive Bergen hotel fees. Individuals need to make sure that they will get a vehicle big enough for passengers to sleep comfortably. Instead of paying $100+ per night in hotel fees, they just can park in a safe place and sleep in their vehicles instead.

If the trip is in the summer, they could camp in tents instead. If the temperature gets colder, they can sleep in the car. But they need to make sure to crack windows for better ventilation. Check if the passenger and driver seats recline back all the way. People usually sleep comfortably if they lay the sears back flat and put sleeping pads on top to help fill in gaps and cracks.

No luggage restrictions

When booking a flight, individuals usually have limited amounts of items they can bring along for their trip. And it is an additional fee to bring big luggage. So leasing a vehicle on long drives will allow them to bring everything they will need. But if they want to bring things like skis or snowboards on these trips or pack skimboards and surfboards, they won’t have to worry about paying additional fees to bring these things on the flight safely. Or they do not have to make hard decisions about what shoes or outfits to bring; they can just bring all of them for free.

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