4 Cheap Trips To Take In The Northeast

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Trips don’t have to cost a fortune, even in historical locations such as the Northeast region. Its nine states have a dense population, and it’s easy to see why people from all walks of life flock there. A traveler’s curiosity about this area is easy to meet once you know where to go while on a budget. Here the some of the most affordable trips you can take once you’re in the Northeast. 

1. Historic District In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

If you take the train to Philadelphia, the former capital of Pennsylvania, you’ll find its charm comes from its history, delicious food, and beer. And while other places are too expensive for regular folk to bask in, Philadelphia is fun and exciting without breaking the bank. 

Known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia has its Historic District, where travelers can find the famous Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Liberty Bell can be found nearby, which remains a symbol of freedom for the nation.  

Beside the bell is an open-air exhibit that looks like an unfinished brick home as it was the site of the first executive mansion. It is called The President’s House and depicts both the concept of freedom and slavery. The Old City is also found here and still has cobblestone roads remnants of the 18th-century era. The Historic District is free to explore for those who would like to bask in the city’s cultural heritage.  

You can save on accommodation in Philadelphia by booking a hostel for up to USD$20 per night. Regarding food, you can get meals for as low as USD$5.50 up to USD$7.00. A day trip to Philadelphia is truly an educational and affordable experience you’d want to add to your bucket list.  

2. Acadia National Park In Maine 

Acadia National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the country. The Atlantic coastline has rocky headlands that decorate its borders. It contains hiking trails that stretch 158 miles and 27 miles of motor roads. Acadia National Park has irresistible woodlands, granite mountains, beaches, and wildlife.  

There are a few ways to get to Acadia National Park: by car, plane, train, or coach. If you travel from Pennsylvania, traveling by car would be the cheapest way, and you can get there in 10 hours. Fuel will only cost up to USD$153, which is low compared to air travel. If you have planned your national park trip, you’ll save up more.  

If you’re a student, you can organize an affordable trip to the national park. It’s only a matter of looking up fees and the best ways to get around without the need to spend so much. Note that getting to Acadia requires paying specific fees if you bring along vehicles, private or rental. You can pay only USD$15 per person to get into the park without a car, such as by bicycle. From there, activities in the park are all free. 

3. Silver Sands State Park In Connecticut 

Another state park you can travel to is the Silver Sands State Park, which consists of a beach, salt marsh, bird sanctuary, and woodlands. Families can picnic, go hiking, swim, bird watch, and enjoy the boardwalk. Bird lovers will be happy to know that egrets and herons frequent here.

You can get into the park by purchasing a pass costing USD$15 for weekday visits and USD$22 during weekends and holidays. Seniors over 65 can avail themselves of the Charter Oak Pass, and veterans can purchase the Veterans Pass, both valid for a lifetime. Those out of state must buy season passes for USD$112 (USD$114.50 by mail), which is good for an entire calendar year.

4. Museum Tours In New York 

Who can forget New York and the Big Apple? It is a densely populated area in the world. And this melting pot of cultures has many influences on its history, sights and sounds, food, and nightlife.

New York City has 145 museums, and 38 are free of charge to the public. It has the National Museum of The American Indian dedicated to the history of Native Americans. The Museum of Arts and Design contains a collection of contemporary art depicting the historic changes to design and crafts. NYC also has the Coney Island Museum, which shows off American culture through the years revolving around entertainment. You will see themes of the circus, vaudeville, burlesque, and more.  

Book anywhere from January to March to get the cheapest flight deals to New York. NYC also has hostels, inexpensive hotels, and accommodations, depending on your budget. You can also find affordable food and drinks anywhere. Eating like a local is best to find sumptuous eats on a budget.


The United States’ northeast region has many locations you can enjoy even on a budget. Plan your trip and look into deals on flights, accommodations, and package tours to make your day trip or vacation stress-free. Knowing the best times to travel also helps you secure transportation that won’t break the bank.  

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