The Best Websites To Buy Puzzles Online (Beginner To Advanced)

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I consider myself a novice enthusiast when it comes to puzzles. I'm not great at them, but I'm interested enough to have learnt some basic strategy over the years.

I've purchased a lot of puzzles online in the past few months, especially as I'm spending more time at home.

If you're looking to try your hand at some new puzzles, there are a few different websites that have the best selections for all levels of puzzlers.

Here are the best places to find puzzles online, as well as some creative companies you may have never heard of.


Best for largest selection of puzzles.

amazon puzzles

Amazon probably has the widest selection of puzzles to choose from. You can get anything from under 100 pieces all the way up to 2000 pieces.

Most of the puzzles on Amazon are images of nature. They're your standard stock puzzle art.

But they also have really unique puzzles like this one we found of the human anatomy:

human anatomy puzzle on amazon

View all puzzles on Amazon

If you're an expert puzzle maker and really want to try your hand at a LEVEL:IMPOSSIBLE kind of puzzle, you might want to try this 24,000 piece puzzle.

24000 piece puzzle

This is the highest piece count puzzle we could find, and it's gotten great reviews from puzzle enthusiasts.

Personally, this would probably take me a decade to complete. And I might lose the same amount of hairs on my head out of stress! But to each their own. If you're able to complete a puzzle this hard, then I only have one word to say: WOW!

Try the impossible 24,000 piece puzzle here.

Jiggy Puzzles

Best for most beautiful artwork.

jiggy puzzles

Most puzzles have tacky artwork that aren't really frameable. I don't think they're ugly, they're just not… really beautiful art pieces so to speak.

Jiggy Puzzles have some of the most beautiful puzzles you'll find on their website.

Every JIGGY puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a tube of puzzle glue, a straight-edge tool to spread the glue and a print of the art to follow.

Basically, these puzzles were designed and built from the ground up for framing and hanging up on your wall.

My personal favorite, and one I just purchased:

Seriously, I am in love with these puzzles. Not only can I get great artwork, there's something really meaningful about showcasing something that I poured my time and effort into building 🙂

View all Jiggy puzzles


Best for rare vintage puzzles.

Puzzle shopping on eBay is always fun. The great thing about eBay is that you'll find hard to find puzzles that you can't find anywhere else. They even have a dedicated filter that will only show you vintage puzzles!

There are puzzles on sale on eBay that are decades old.

For instance, this 750 piece wooden puzzle is from the 1930s and costs $2500.

vintage puzzle

Also check out this Back to the Future puzzle I found.

back to the future vintage puzzle

Or this super vintage Battlestar Galactica puzzle.

battlestar galactica puzzle

Another thing that's great about shopping for puzzles on eBay is that it probably has the largest selection of high piece count puzzles.

If you choose the 5000+ pieces filter, you'll get a list of over 500 puzzles that have 5000 pieces or more. I don't think any other puzzle store has this amount of selections.


Best for kids puzzles

Walmart has a large selection of puzzles in-store (usually a few dozen options) and over 1000 puzzles for sale on their website.

Adults would probably prefer the selection of puzzles at the stores mentioned above.

Walmart is better for finding kids puzzles. A lot of the puzzle graphics and pieces are catered to children.

For instance, check out this best selling USA map puzzle.

usa map puzzle

Or this 24 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle.

walmart jungle puzzle

And this one is a favorite. It glows in the dark!

glow in the dark puzzle

I love buying my kids puzzles at Walmart. They're lower priced than other stores, and there are a lot of creative selections that my children enjoy.

Puzzle Master

Best for object puzzles

Puzzle Master is a favorite for puzzle enthusiasts because they have the largest selection of object puzzles. It's not the best place for jigsaw puzzles, but if you want to find weird mind benders and try your hand at creative object puzzles, this is the place to be.

What I love is that they categorize every puzzle on their website into different levels.

Level 10 is considered mind boggling, which means that you'll probably go insane trying to figure it out.

We tried a level 7 puzzle and it took several days to figure it out. I can only imagine what a level 10 puzzle would be like.

Here's the level 7 puzzle we tried:

dice puzzle

You can try it for yourself here.

This is what a level 10 puzzle looks like:

level 10 puzzle

It's like a Rubiks Cube built for aliens with 10 times the IQ as humans.

If you're bold enough, you can give it a try here.

Puzzle Master is full of strange and unique puzzles like these ones. But the cool thing is, they're all solvable.

And Puzzle Master even gives the puzzle solutions for everyone to download that you can find on the website.

Of course, looking at the solutions is not encouraged as there is no point in working on the puzzle if you're going to just cheat! But it's still nice to know that if you have trouble with one of these mind bogglers, you won't have to spend your entire life trying to find the answer.

Browse all Puzzle Master puzzles

Conclusion: Where to buy the best puzzles online

There are a lot of websites that sell puzzles online. We compiled a list of the best of the best for every category and level of puzzler.

If you're a regular Amazon shopper and want to browse the largest selection, check out Amazon.

If you're looking for beautiful artwork that you can frame, then check out Jiggy Puzzles.

If you're shopping for puzzles for kids, then Walmart is the winner.

If you're looking for vintage puzzles, there's no better place than eBay.

If you're looking for unique object puzzles, then you need to check out Puzzle Master.

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