Capital One Small Business Banking Review – Is It The Right Bank For You?

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Capital One provides a wide range of business banking services, which includes some great business credit cards. Capital One offers a number of checking accounts that you can use to easily get rid of your monthly fees. Basic checking account is a particularly good option for small business owners. Capital One lets businesses pay their bills abroad without worrying about paying transaction fees, something that’s nice for business owners who frequently work internationally. It offers checking accounts, merchant services, savings and credit cards, so business owners can manage everything they need to pay bills and make purchases.


The checking account that you open with Capital One for your small business will be charged a monthly fee; however, you can have the fee waived. There are some situations where the fee for the business checking account is waived if your account balances have increased by $2,000 or more in the last 30 or 90 days. There’s no fee for the very first $500 you deposit.

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For businesses with large cash deposits, Unlimited Checking is the right option if you want to make cash deposits every month up to $40,000. Those accounts also allow you to make foreign wire transfers free of charge. Fees are only $35 per month, but it is possible to waive them if a client maintains an account with an account balance of at least $25,000 per month.

Businesses can also save money on account at Capital One, for a small fee of just $3 per month. Even if your balance is over $3,000, you still have to pay it. Keep it as low as possible: just keep the account at a level of $300.

Physical Locations and ATMs

Capital One ATMs allow account holders to access thousands of ATMs nationwide for free. Account holders can use a network of more than 1,974 ATMs owned by Capital One, 40,486 Allpoint ATMs, and 36,398 MoneyPass ATMs in the U.S.

However, unless you live in a big city, there is very little reason to visit the local Capital One branch. Capital One has some very fancy little locations in big cities like Miami and New York City. The bad news: money is now just one and zero online. It does not need to be physically inspected. Very few people actually need to do their banking in person.

Capital One Small Business Banking Review


The fact that you cannot visit any of the Capital One buildings is a big reason why the app is so good. CapitalOne has received a 4.7 rating in Google Play Store, where it has over 1.2 million positive user reviews. Many of these are glowing 5-star reviews that customers have left on Amazon. Many of the reviews are five-star reviews from happy customers. The app’s overall rating is very nice – 4.9 out of 5 stars. This makes it the No. 7 app in the finance app category.

It has. A very neat looking interface that lets users see all of their financial accounts in one place. It is possible to freeze any debit card that is lost or stolen, and has the ability to be reactivated if it is found. Additional benefits of using your phone for depositing money are being notified by your bank when you have made a purchase, and receiving an alert when your order is ready to ship.

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Other services

Capital One provides a wide range of business services, including:

  • Checking accounts for businesses
  • Saving accounts for businesses
  • Credit cards for small businesses.
  • Merchant and Business services

Capital One offers a complete set of business banking services that allow you to do all of what you need to do. You can also accept payments from customers and get lines of credit to help you grow your business.

Unlike many other banks, Capital One offers everything you need for your business banking, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and even auto loans. Capital One offers people a wide selection of banking services, including checking accounts, credit cards for millions of Americans, and even auto loans for those who need to buy new cars. It can help you control not just your business finances, but also your own financial affairs; everything can be handled in one place.

Customer Service

You may be able to get answers to your questions using our 24/7 help center, but you may need to rely on the following Customer Service methods to reach Capital One Customer Service. Contacting Capital One is as simple as:

  • Call the number 1-877-514-2265 at 8 A.M. – 11 P.M. EST
  • Visit a branch during branch hours.

Capital One is very competitive when compared to its competitors when assessing their level of customer satisfaction.

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