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What Kind Of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

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What checks does Walmart cash in?

You’ll be able to cash a variety of checks at Walmart Money Centers, which are conveniently situated in Walmart stores nationwide. Some stores even let you pay with a check when you walk into a store.

It does not cost you a fee to cash a check at Walmart. You will receive the money immediately, with your credit card or on your Walmart MoneyCard. You will have your money within a few hours or you may even be able to get it faster by using your Walmart MoneyCard.

If there is something you should do with a check that you are writing to you, you will not be able to cash it at Walmart. Walmart will not cash cashier checks or checks that you have written yourself. You will have to write a new check.

Checks that have already been printed, company checks, salary checks, government checks, and even tax return checks can all be cashed.

Does Walmart cash personal checks?

Yes. Just go to any Walmart Money Services, and get a quick cashier to cash your money.

You just walk up to the Money Services or Customer Service desk at any Walmart location. You will not be asked to make a reservation or set up an appointment to get your personal check cashed. You do still not have to show a valid Walmart credit card to cash your check, but you can easily do that at any Walmart cashier’s desk.

Walmart cashes two-party checks (up to $200 per check) and charges you $6 for every check. Most stores and restaurants will ask you to pay extra for getting two people to sign a check, which makes Walmart a very attractive option.

What are Walmart checks fees and limits?

If the amount of the check you are printing is less than $1,000, the fee will be capped at $4. It costs $10 to print checks for amounts that are higher than $1,000 and $10 to print checks for amounts that are higher than $5,000.

Walmart generally does not allow check amounts to exceed $5,000, but from January through April, they increase the limit to $7,500. Two-Part, private checks are only allowed for cashing checks that are worth up to $200 each.

You can only cash 3 checks per day, so plan to cash more checks if you need to. Walmart also lists all the fees that they charge on the website.

If your account is set up to accept MoneyCards, and you decide to load some money onto the card, Walmart allows you to pay no fee for the transaction. They claim that unless you have a MoneyCard already and you apply for one through a POS terminal, they will not charge you an application fee.

What Kind Of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

How to cash checks at Walmart?

Checks are accepted at every Walmart store with a money center. To stop by your Walmart and cash a check, just go to a store that has a money center.

It is important to have 2 types of ID when getting a check cashed at Walmart. You need two forms of ID to cash your check at Walmart. One that has a picture of you and one that does not have a picture of you. Just visit the money center in the store where you will find the ATM to redeem a check.

Cash a check at any of the Walmart locations, or at the cash register located inside the store.

Walmart stores do not accept checks if you do not show that you own the check or if there is no way to get a photo of you to show that you own the check.

Walmart stores will accept checks with photos that are taken at the time they are printed, and it is required that you present both forms of ID in order to cash them.

How much does it charge to cash a check at Walmart?

If you would like your check to be mailed to someone that does not have access to it, it can cost you just $4. $58 charge per check for checks that are pre-written for more than $1,000; $48 charge for checks that are pre-written for more than $5,000.

Walmart MoneyCard, a reloaded petty cash card that you load with money that you already have, charges you a re-loading fee, but it is not a fee to have money loaded onto the card.

If it is a reloadable Walmart MoneyCard, you can have any amount of the money from a check mailed to you paid for at Walmart charged to it. There is a small fee associated with this service. They do charge a fee to cash a pre-printed check for more than $1,000, although it is free for most people to do that.

Checks that are more than $5,000 are not cashable at Walmart, but they will allow you to cash up to $7,500 in cash from January through April.

What do I need to cash a check at Walmart?

To pay a bill, you must show that you are physically present in person and show a government-issued photo identification. You may not be able to pay a bill using a debit or credit card, but you may be able to use a debit card to pay a bill.

Walmart will accept two types of valid IDs to enable a customer to pay by check at a store like Walmart. You don’t need to have a photo to show that you are a valid source of identification for cashing checks at Walmart. The government-issued ID does require a photo.

You need a driver’s license or I’d from the state in order to buy pre-paid checks, tax refund checks, or any check from a registered bank.

Walmart will accept government IDs with a photo as a source for the purpose of issuing checks for payment and some types of checks before the customers cash it.

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