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Does Arby’s Take EBT?

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There are days when nothing tastes better than a great sandwich. If you happen to be out and about when you get that craving, why not consider Arby’s? This is a great fast-food place that offers a wide range of sandwiches and sides! We’re pretty sure you won’t leave hungry if you eat there!

There are days when nothing tastes better than a great sandwich. If you happen to be out and about when you get that craving, why not consider Arby’s? This is a great fast-food place that offers a wide range of sandwiches and sides! We’re pretty sure you won’t leave hungry if you eat there!

What is Arby’s?

Arby’s is a fast food sandwich chain that has more than 3,300 locations. It is the third-largest chain in terms of revenue. Arby’s is the second largest sandwich chain in America (after Subway), according to Food & Wine in October 2017.

Arby’s sells a large variety of delicious sandwiches including roast beef, ham and cheese. Arby’s originally sold roast chicken caesar, roast beef and swiss, roast chicken with swiss, and roast turkey and swiss.

All Market Fresh Sandwiches come with a delicious spread of hot sauce, mayonnaise, and red onion rings, except for the Chicken Caesar. Also included are tomato slices and Swiss cheese.

You might think that it would be great if Arby’s accepted EBT as their preferred way of paying. It would be great if you could get your favorite meal for free from Arby’s. This article will tell you whether Arby’s accepts EBT cards as payment methods.

Does Arby’s Accept EBT Payments? 

Arby’s accepts credit and debit cards issued by banks in the U.S. Arby’s can preapprove your credit card for up to the amount that you are planning to pay.

Arby’s was one of the first restaurants to accept many types of payment like American Express’ ExpressPay back in 2006 and Visa’s Contactless Payments. Arby’s also accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards as well as Mastercard PayPass.

You can pay with any one of the credit cards that we mentioned earlier – the regular way – without touching or tapping your credit card. Payment can also be done with credit or debit cards, gift cards or prepaid cards, or even with cash.

Does Arby’s Take EBT?

You can use Apple Pay in most Arby’s restaurants, unless that franchise decides to not accept this convenient payment option for some reason or another.

It is sad to announce that Arby’s does not accept payments made with an electronic banking terminal (EBT) like many other restaurants do. It is not known why they don’t take SNAP payments, but it is clear from what is on the SNAP benefits eligible items list that prepared food are not listed in them.

Fast food meals can only be paid for with EBT benefits if the cardholder is a member of the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP). Arby’s does not participate in the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP).

What is the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP)?

The Restaurant Meal Program is part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that was started by the federal government. The program was established in 1977. It allows eligible people to purchase hot restaurant meals with their SNAP benefits (EBT). The program only serves people who are unable to make meals at home. Not all states participate in the RMP program.

The following categories of people can buy food from restaurants that accept EBT:

  • Those who are at least 60 years old; OR
  • Those who are disabled and receiving disability compensation; OR
  • People who are homeless; OR
  • People who are the spouse of a SNAP client who is eligible for RMP benefits

Alternatives to Arby’s

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice fast food meal. There are some restaurants that are part of the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP) and accept EBT as a method of payment.

Papa Murphy’s accepts credit cards from all 50 states! Some take-and-bake pizza places also accept EBT. You actually don’t eat at these restaurants because you have to cook the food at home!

Starbucks stores in grocery stores may also accept EBT.  Officially, Starbucks restaurants do not accept EBT cards as payment. However, some of their licensed outlets, including grocery stores, may accept these payments.

How to Tell if a Restaurant Accepts EBT?

Here are the ways you can determine if a restaurant accepts EBT payments:

Look for a sign: restaurants that accept EBT usually have a sign or stick on their entry doors or windows indicating they accept SNAP benefits (EBT).

Call the restaurant: it’s usually a good idea to call ahead and ask the restaurant if they accept EBT payments. That way, you won’t waste gas going to a place that doesn’t accept these payments.

Call EBT customer service: another way to find out before you go is to call EBT customer service. EBT provides you with a customer service number that’s usually on the back of your EBT card. Customer service can answer any questions you have about the program, including which restaurants in your location accept EBT.

There are other places that accept EBT benefits in certain states. You need to check with the establishments you plan to visit to make sure that they accept EBT. It may be very sad to know that Arby’s does not accept EBT benefits as a payment method, but you may be surprised by other places that accept this payment method!


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