Does Costco Deliver Pizza Or Any Food Court Items?

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Perhaps the best thing about going to Costco, especially when you’re a child following your parents shopping, is grabbing a Costco pizza afterwards.

It’s cheap, fast, and tastes delicious.

But what about delivery? Is it possible to enjoy Costco pizza without actually going to Costco? Do they deliver?

Let’s find out.

Does Costco deliver pizza?

Costco is one of the best stores to shop at for all your general needs. With a wide array of selection of products, it is possible to get carried away and spend too much time in the store. As for pizza, you have the option of ordering from one of their “fresh” ovens or buying frozen pizza from the freezer section.

But what if you’re short on time? What if you’re on the road and want to order a pizza, but you don’t have time to stop by? Is it possible to get your pizza delivered to your home by Costco?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Pizza delivery service is not an available option to be done from your local Costco. In fact Costco does not deliver pizza or any other items from their food court. In other words, you must be present in the store and order the pizza in person.

Can you get a Costco pizza online?

Online food delivery is something that is becoming more and more popular. The growing popularity of online food delivery services has given rise to companies that provide the same service, but they deliver to your home.

So, is online ordering a pizza from Costco something that is possible in this day and age? Again, the answer is unfortunately no.

Some people have stated that it’s possible to order Costco pizzas online. This is simply not true. You cannot order food court items online or from any app. What is available on is restricted to the same items that are available in the store. This includes fresh produce, seafood, frozen foods, and other perishable groceries.

If you’re insistent on getting a pizza through online delivery, you’re better off buying one from a pizza chain such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s.

Is there any way to get a Costco pizza delivered?

Are you still hellbent on getting a Costco pizza delivered? Well, if you have decided that you’re willing to spend some time finding a way to get a Costco food court pizza delivered right to your doorstep, then you might want to take a look at some unorthodox methods.

The short answer is: Not traditionally.

In other words, there’s no official way of getting Costco to deliver your item. However, there are apps and services out there that may be the right fit for you to ask someone to go through the hassle of going to Costco, ordering a pizza, and then driving to your location.

Essentially, the only way to get a Costco pizza delivered to you is through asking someone else to do it. You can ask friends or family and offer them money, but really… is it really worth it when you can order from somewhere else without the hassle?

The best alternative way is to use a task app like TaskRabbit or Instacart and pay one of the gig workers to pick up a pizza and deliver it to you. In this case, make sure to use the same-day delivery method so that you can get your pizza as soon as possible and in mind condition.

But again, this is so much more hassle than just ordering from somewhere else. In addition, you’d have to find someone with a Costco membership card, because otherwise, Costco employees would not be able to let them inside the warehouse.

How to order Costco pizza with TaskRabbit or Instacart

Just in case you’re desperate to order a Costo pizza for delivery, we’ve included information on how to use TaskRabbit and Instacart to get your pizza!

Use TaskRabbit to get a Costco pizza

TaskRabbit is a helpful app that allows you to hire a “tasker” (freelancers) who help with chores and errands. After all, delivering a Costco pizza is the perfect task! Taskers can do much more; they can help build furniture, buy groceries, or even get you that Costco pizza.

You’ll need to make sure you have the “Tasker” app on your phone or other device. The app is by TaskRabbit, and it’s available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and install it, then set up your account.

Choose a tasker who offers a rate you’re happy with, and make sure they’re highly rated by past customers. After choosing the tasker, text or talk with them to see if they’ll pick up and deliver your pizza. Once you’ve agreed on their rates and timing, you’ll need to pay and then wait for your pizza to be delivered!

Order Costco pizza through Instacart shopper

The Instacart app is another popular app that allows you to hire a person to do your shopping and deliver the items right to your door. But you’ll need to download, install, and set up your account first.

You’ll need to buy a few other items from Costco to order a pizza for delivery. But you can’t order the pizza through the app. That’s confusing, we understand. The goal is to have someone shop for you and then pick up your pizza.

Once you’ve put in your order, you’ll need to contact the shopper and let them know it’s necessary to pick up your pizza, too. The shopper can include the pizza as an “add-on” to your order.

Now, you need to call Costco’s food court and order the pizza you want. This process isn’t straightforward, but if you really want that pizza, it’s worth a few extra steps to get it!

Does Costco offer take home and bake pizzas?

Do you remember Costco’s Take and Bake pizzas? They were frozen products that you could get delivered right to your door. These pizzas were available in several varieties, but one of the most popular was the pizza with bacon and pepperoni.

It is true that Costco used to offer their deli Take and Bake pizzas. Unfortunately, Costco does not offer take home and bake pizzas anymore. In fact, they were discontinued alongside many other frozen and packaged foods by Kirkland signature.

These were basically the same pizzas that Costco sold in their food courts, but they came frozen.

costco take and bake pizzas

You would buy them in-store and bake it at home. It’s not technically delivery, but it used to be a popular option for people who wanted to buy a bunch of Costco pizzas and enjoy them at home whenever they wanted.

I have to admit, I was one of those people. I would also have anywhere between 2 to 5 frozen Costco pizzas in my freezer because I love them so much, but only go to Costco around once a month.

There’s little information why they were discontinued, other than the staff did not think that it was worth it to have these items in stock. Perhaps Costco’s team thought that these items were not as popular as other frozen foods or maybe they did not make enough money from them.

Where can you enjoy a slice of pizza from Costco?

So, now that we’ve exhausted all options and methods, you may be wondering where you can enjoy a slice of Costco pizza from?

The truth of the matter is that the only way you can enjoy a slice of pizza from Costco is by visiting them directly. More specifically, you’d need to go straight to your local Costco food court. Fortunately, all Costco locations come with a food court near the exit. Food courts are also not restricted to Costco members, so if you’re not a member, you can still enjoy their food court and order from the same selection of items.

There are many famous Costco food court pizzas available across the US. Most of them are part of the Kirkland brand. Here are some of the options you may want to consider before you order pizza from Costco:

  • Pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni is arguably the classic pizza topping, and it’s what you’ll find on most of the pizza’s at Costco.
  • Cheese pizza. Most people would say that cheese ties with pepperoni in terms of being the most common pizza topping. There are also other options available, such as adding mushrooms or even bacon to your pizza.
  • Combo pizza. Sometimes you just don’t want a whole pizza filled with only pepperoni or only cheese. In this case, you can opt for a combo pizza. The combo pizza is a dish that consists of a balanced mix between meat and veggies. This is a great choice for people who want some leafy greens and other healthy foods to go with their greasy pizza.

Of course, pizzas aren’t the only thing selling like hot cakes on Costco. Customers also favor their hot dogs, for example.

Conclusion: Can you get Costco pizza delivered?

Costco does not offer delivery for their pizzas, or any other items sold in their food courts. At the moment, there is no convenient workaround. The only options are to ask someone you know or use a task app, but it comes with more hassle than most people would like.

It’s far easier to just order from somewhere else.

Costco used to have a Take and Bake option, where you could buy frozen Costco pizzas. Unfortunately, they stopped offering them in 2020. However, you may be able to get frozen pizza packets via their grocery delivery service. Keep in mind, however, that this service is reserved for Costco members only.

Costco pizzas are delicious, but at least for now, it seems that you’ll need to visit Costco to enjoy them. Alternatively, you can try other grocery stores that do provide delivery options. Some

I’ve got to say though, Costco pizzas taste best when enjoyed in-store 🙂

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