Does Costco Deliver Pizza Or Any Food Court Items?

Updated on October 14, 2021 by
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costco pizza delivery

Perhaps the best thing about going to Costco, especially when you're a child following your parents shopping, is grabbing a Costco pizza afterwards.

It's cheap, fast, and tastes delicious.

But what about delivery? Is it possible to enjoy Costco pizza without actually going to Costco? Do they deliver?

Let's find out.

Does Costco deliver pizza?

No, Costco does not deliver pizza or any other items from their food court. You must be present in the store and order the pizza in person.

Some people have stated that it's possible to order Costco pizzas online. This is simply not true. You cannot order food court items online or from any app.

Is there any way to get a Costco pizza delivered?

Not traditionally.

The only way to get a Costco pizza delivered to you is through asking someone else to do it. You can ask friends or family and offer them money, but really… is it really worth it when you can order from somewhere else without the hassle?

The other way is to use a task app like TaskRabbit and pay one of the gig workers to pick up a pizza and deliver it to you. But again, this is so much more hassle than just ordering from somewhere else.

Does Costco offer take home and bake pizzas?

Costco used to offer Take and Bake pizzas. Unfortunately, Costco does not offer take home and bake pizzas anymore.

These were basically the same pizzas that Costco sold in their food courts, but they came frozen.

costco take and bake pizzas

You would buy them in-store and bake it at home. It's not technically delivery, but it used to be a popular option for people who wanted to buy a bunch of Costco pizzas and enjoy them at home whenever they wanted.

I have to admit, I was one of those people. I would also have anywhere between 2 to 5 frozen Costco pizzas in my freezer because I love them so much, but only go to Costco around once a month.

Conclusion: Can you get Costco pizza delivered?

Costco does not offer delivery for their pizzas, or any other items sold in their food courts. At the moment, there is no convenient workaround. The only options are to ask someone you know or use a task app, but it comes with more hassle than most people would like.

It's far easier to just order from somewhere else.

Costco used to have a Take and Bake option, where you could buy frozen Costco pizzas. Unfortunately, they stopped offering them in 2020.

Costco pizzas are delicious, but at least for now, it seems that you'll need to visit Costco to enjoy them.

I've got to say though, Costco pizzas taste best when enjoyed in-store 🙂