Does Costco Have a One-Day Pass?

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costco day pass
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Costco is a membership-only club. You cannot buy anything from the store if you are not a paying member.

Some people like to try something out before making a financial commitment to a club of this nature, so you may wonder if you can get some sort of one-day membership.

Does Costco Have a One-Day Pass?

Unfortunately, the company does not provide the option for a single-day membership.

If you wish to shop at Costco, you will have to buy a membership. However, there is the option of using someone else’s membership to try out the store.

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Costco does allow all members to bring up to two people with them into the store. You cannot purchase anything as a guest, but it will enable you to see the product selection.

Once you purchase a membership, one other person in your home may also get a card and shop at the store under your membership. You can add them to your account once you sign up.

The only exception to purchasing your membership so you can freely shop in the store is when it comes to the pharmacy. Anyone can get prescriptions through this service as a membership is not a requirement.

How Can I Get a Costco Membership?

If you would like a Costco membership, you must complete an application online or in the store at the membership counter.

There are three options for memberships.

  1. The Executive option is $120 a year. You get a 2% annual reward on all purchases you make and extra benefits and savings, including travel products. You do get household use for this plan.
  2. The Business option is $60 per year. You get the ability to purchase items for reselling with this membership. You can add additional cards for $60 each.
  3. The Gold Star option is also $60. It is the basic tier membership, allowing you to shop and providing an extra household card.

costco membership levels explained

It takes just a few minutes to complete the registration process at the store.

Note: They'll take your picture at the store to put onto your membership card.

Are There Ways to Save Money on a Membership?

Since you cannot get a free membership pass, you may wonder if you can save on a plan. Costco doesn’t provide discounts on memberships, but it does offer a special deal for certain professions such as teachers, members of the military, and students.

If you can verify your identity and membership in one of the select groups, you can receive a free Costco card worth $20 when you sign up for a membership.

To qualify, you must be a new member, which means you have not had a previous membership for the past 30 months. You cannot get the offer for renewal or upgrade of a membership.

You also must go through a 3rd party ID verification system to complete your application and secure the deal. In addition, you must agree to auto renewal of your membership and use a VISA.

In Summary

While you cannot get a one-day pass to visit and shop at Costco, you do have other options. You can visit the store as a guest, use your household card if someone in your home has a membership, or buy your membership using one of the three membership plans.

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