Does Walmart Cut Keys, and How Much Does It Cost?

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There's nothing you can't find at Walmart. Whatever you need to buy, you're likely to find it.

But what about keys? Does Walmart make keys? Can you get your keys copied in-store while you shop?

Here's what you need to know.

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Yes, Walmart provides key copying and cutting services in-store. Key cutting is self-serve and you do it at their MinuteKey kiosks.

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MinuteKey kiosks at walmart

I like to get all of my keys cut at Walmart using the MinuteKey kiosks because I prefer the self-serve element to it.

I can pick out my own designs and key types, and it only takes around 2 minutes for the entire process.

Want to see what it's like? Watch this video below of a real-life key cutting experience at Walmart.

How much does it cost to cut keys at Walmart?

Making keys at Walmart using the MinuteKey kiosks costs around $2 to $6 per key, which is on par with what it would cost you anywhere else.

You can use credit (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), debit, or cash to pay for your new keys.

Does every Walmart have key cutting?

No, not every Walmart has a key cutting kiosk. You can check which Walmarts have a key cutting service by using the MinuteKey location search tool here.

What kind of keys can I copy at Walmart

As per the MinuteKey website, their machines can copy home and office keys.

This includes most: Kwikset, KW1 and KW10 Schlage, SC1 Weiser, WR3 and WR5 (in some areas) Others: Baldwin, Titan, and clones of the above key types Padlock key Masterlock M1 (on some machines).

The machine CANNOT cut car keys, school building keys, high-security keys, or any other restricted keys marked as “Do Not Duplicate”.

Conclusion: Can you make keys at Walmart?

Yes, you can make keys at Walmart. Most Walmarts have a key cutting kiosk in their stores. These machines are completely self-serve and it only takes around 2 minutes.

It will cost you around $2 to $6 per key. Not every Walmart has a key cutting kiosk so make sure you check beforehand if the location you're going to has one in-store.

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