Walmart’s Carpet Cleaner Rental Explained

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walmart carpet cleaning rental

Hiring a carpet cleaner to come clean your carpets can cost hundreds of dollars. In comparison, Walmart's carpet cleaner rental is under $50. You can get almost the same result for up to 10x the savings.

Let's take a look at how to rent a carpet cleaner at Walmart, how much it costs, and how it compares to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Walmart's Carpet Cleaner Rental Explained

Walmart provides self-service kiosks by Rug Doctor at select stores that allow customers to easily rent carpet cleaners. The rental cost varies from location to location, but usually costs between $25-$35 per day. For other accessories and carpet cleaning solutions, customers are required to pay an additional amount.

Can I Buy Cleaning Solution At Walmart?

Yes, you can purchase the cleaning solution for carpets at Walmart as well. Depending on your cleaning needs, the solutions cost between $10 to $25.

Which Carpet Cleaners Can You Rent At Walmart?

The Rug Doctor kiosk offers a variety of carpet cleaners to choose from. Customers can pick the Mighty Pro, Wide Track, Pro Deep, Pro Portable, or the X3. However, not all locations offer every model.

How To Rent A Carpet Cleaner At Walmart?

Not every Walmart location offers a Rug Doctor self-service kiosk, and therefore it is advisable to check which stores carry rental carpet cleaners on Rug Doctor’s location finder before you visit the store.

Once in-store, you are likely to find the Rug Doctor kiosk next to or near the customer service desk. The process of renting a cleaner is fairly simple. You just need to pick your model and enter your name and address on the touch screen at the kiosk. Finally, you need to choose your preferred method of payment and complete the transaction. Once the payment goes through, the cage automatically unlocks and you can grab a carpet cleaner to take home.

How To Return A Carpet Cleaner Back To Walmart?

Returning your carpet cleaner at Walmart is an easy and straightforward process. You need to simply visit the Rug Doctor self-service kiosk again, and enter your details. The cage will then unlock for you to return the cleaner.

Will I Be Charged If I Don’t Return The Carpet Cleaner On Time?

If you haven’t returned the carpet cleaner after the 24 hour period is over, you will be charged for an additional day regardless of how many extra hours you keep the cleaner for.

Final Thoughts: Carpet Cleaners At Walmart

Renting your own carpet cleaner rather than hiring a professional can save you a ton of money, and you can do so now by simply visiting your local Walmart. However, not every Walmart location provides this service, and therefore it is best to check Rug Doctor’s location finder feature online before visiting the store.

Once you’re in-store, the process of renting a cleaner as well as buying cleaning solutions is relatively simple. Walmart offers a number of models for you to choose from and even provides additional accessories for hire. If you’re looking to clean your carpet, you can do so for as little as $25 by renting a cleaner from your local Walmart.

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