Does Costco Have Scan And Go?

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In the midst of the global pandemic, ease of access to fresh food, especially produce, is critical. Costco is a great resource for people looking for healthy, affordable food. Other great benefits of membership include a wide variety of products, discounts on bulk items, and the ability to shop online. Scan and Go technology truly revolutionized shopping. If you’ve never heard of scan and go shopping before, here’s how it works.

You download the app of the store you’re shopping in (in this case Costco app). Once you’re in the store, open the app and select the scan and go feature. Now, start scanning the items you want to purchase. Once you’re done shopping, simply pay inside the app. No need to wait in line, it’s all done through the app. When you’re leaving the store, simply show the attendant your QR code.

If it’s your first time using scan and go, it might feel a little strange to just pick up items, skip the cashier, and just head out the door. But it’s completely normal. Millions of people use scan and go at their favorite stores every day.

Does Costco offer scan and go?

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer scan and go at the moment. Other stores like Sam’s Club have offered scan and go for a very long time, but Costco has deliberately chosen not to use the technology for their mobile app. is a website that sells a variety of items, including groceries, household supplies, and clothing. The website offers a membership program that allows customers to purchase items in bulk and save money. Costco also sells its own brand of products, such as Kirkland Signature products.

Costco is open to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status. They offer membership for individuals, families, and businesses. Costco locations are generally large and well-stocked, making it a great place to shop for groceries, household items, and other needs. The prices are generally very reasonable, making Costco an affordable option for groceries and other items.

Costco is a great place to buy groceries because the prices are usually lower than at other stores. The website also offers a variety of household supplies, such as cleaning products and laundry detergent, that are not available at other stores. Costco also sells clothing, which is often more expensive than clothing found at other stores but often has better quality. However, you can also find cheap clothing at Costco if you look for it.

You can join the Costco membership program either online or in person. The online membership program is easier to use, but the in-person program is more convenient because you do not have to wait in line. The in-person program also allows you to shop more quickly because you do not have to carry your shopping bags around with you.

Overall, Costco offers great prices on groceries, household supplies, and clothing. The website is easy to use, and the in-person program is more convenient than the online program. The Costo app is also a great way to buy groceries and household supplies. And with the technology age, you can even buy groceries and household supplies online and have them delivered to your home. Digital membership card is also available now.

Like Walmart, Amazon, and other big-box stores, Costco has been expanding its reach into the small-box store market. This means that it is now selling items such as health and beauty products, lawn and garden supplies, and pet food. However, scan & go is not available at Costco. This technology allows customers to scan items as they walk through the store and then pay for them without having to stand in line. Using gift cards, Visa Checkout, or a mobile app is also an option for buying items such as health and beauty products, lawn and garden supplies, and pet food. But with the lack of scan & go, Costco might not be the best option for people who are looking for a quick and easy shopping experience.

Why doesn’t Costco have scan and go?

There are several reasons why Costco chooses NOT to offer scan and go in their stores.

Their checkout process is already super fast

Because Costco already prides itself on its fast checkout lines. If you’ve ever shopped at Costco, you’ll know that people buying dozens and dozens of items can usually pay and leave in under 5 minutes. The process is already fast and smooth as it is.

Sales can potentially decrease by offering scan and go

Additionally, Costco believes that scan and go technology can hurt its sales. Since Costco is a wholesale store, it operates a little bit differently than a traditional retail store. Scan and go technology can potentially hurt sales – reducing the number of items that people purchase.

Costco Doesn’t Offer Self-Checkout

Along with not offering the Scan and Go service, Costco no longer offers self-checkout services. Research has shown that self-checkouts are known to increase theft by about 4%. While the company still offers self-checkouts at limited locations, most stores no longer offer this service.

Costco Doesn’t Follow Trends

The big box store also doesn’t follow every trend like other major stores, such as Amazon.

Costco wants to have at least one point of human connection

Costco believes that human connection improves their shopping experience. Think about it, with scan and go, you just go into the store, pick up your items, and leave. You’ll never have to interact with a human if you don’t want to. While this is a positive for some, having at least one point of human connection is part of the Costco shopping experience that they don’t want to give up.

In addition, the store is known for its excellent customer service. The company believes that technology such as Scan and Go could lessen customer satisfaction without some human contact in its stores.

Sell you their gold membership

If you don’t have their gold membership already, I’m sure you’ve been pitched to sign up for one many times when going through Costco’s cashiers. This is one of their highest converting areas of upselling regular members to gold members. Sure, their app can pitch you to sign up as well. But it’s much more effective when the cashier tells you, “Hey, you could be saving hundreds of dollars. Just sign up here, it takes just a few minutes.”

They want to increase sales of their food court

Costco’s food courts are always strategically positioned right behind the cashiers. If nobody went through their cashiers, their food sales would plumment. However, this is really a minor issue as their food courts are meant to drive people to shop in their store, and not the other way around.

They want to enforce their rule of members having to use their own membership cards

And lastly, and this is just my assumption (Costco has not stated this publicly), Costco is strict on their policy of members using their own cards to purchase. I’ve seen people get denied at the cashier for bringing a family member’s card.

According to them, you must use your own Costco shop card when shopping. Allowing people to use a Costco mobile app opens the door for increased card sharing amongst friends and family. You can download the app from both Android’s Google Play or Apple App Store. Costco also offers a loyalty program, which allows customers to earn rewards for shopping at the store. The rewards can be used to purchase items in the store or online.

Using your account, you can also subscribe to the Costco Cash Card, which allows you to use your Costco membership to purchase items at participating stores. The card also has a rewards program that offers customers cash back on their purchases. Your shopping list can be saved to the card, and you can use the card to pay for your groceries, gas, and other items at local Costco stores.

Do they at least have self-checkout?

Yes! Costco does have a self-checkout section at most of their stores. Usually, the stores that do offer self-checkout are the most popular stores that get a lot of traffic.

This is one of Costco’s methods of keeping their checkout lines moving quick and smooth.

How to Save Time Checking Out without Scan and Go

While Costco doesn’t offer the Scan and Go service, there are some things you can do to make the checkout process faster:

1. Self-Check Out

Does your Costco offer self-checkout? If so, that can save you some time; however, if not, read on for additional tips to check out faster!

2. Turn Product Bar Codes Up

When checking out at Costco, place each item on the conveyor belt with their bar codes turned up. This makes it faster for the cashier to ring up all of your items.

3. Use Same Day Costco

You can skip the checkout line by using the Same Day Costco service. You can find this in the Instacart app (you’re actually ordering your items through Instacart). Prices may be a little higher and there are fees and a tip to consider. However, if you’re short on time, ordering from Costco through Same Day Costco may be a great help!


Grocery stores are a popular place to buy groceries, and Costco is one of the largest grocery stores in the United States. The Costco warehouse stores have a large selection of groceries, and the prices are generally lower than at other grocery stores. Costco members can also buy items in bulk, which can save them money. Costco gas stations, Costco pharmacy, and Costco travel are also available through the website.

Nowadays, payment options are more diverse than ever before. Costco offers a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Members can also use Costco’s membership rewards programs to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or merchandise. Gas prices at Costco are generally lower than at other gas stations, and members can also use Costco’s loyalty program to earn discounts on items in the store. Moreover, the digital app offers exclusive deals and coupons. This app is available on both Android and iPhone.

However, Costco does not have scan and go at their stores. This is done purposely for several reasons. Listed above are just a few of the reasons why Costco does not have scan and go. Your local warehouse may have different policies.

Ultimately, though, Costco is satisfied with their current shopping experience. Cashiers offer a human touch, and can be an effective point of sale for their premium memberships.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like Costco will use scan and go technology anytime soon. However, things may change. We will keep this page updated accordingly.

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