Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes?

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On the most important day of your life, you need a fantastic cake to mark the occasion. A fantastic cake, however, often comes with an exorbitant price tag.

Planning an affordable wedding starts with looking for an affordable bakery. Where better to start than one of the most affordable stores around, Walmart. Can you purchase a wedding cake there, though?

Birthday cake, cupcake cake, wedding cake – there’s no wrong way to enjoy a sweet treat! Whether you’re looking for a traditional cake or something more unique, Walmart has you covered. Check out the selection of Walmart wedding cakes below!

Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes?

Walmart is a large retail chain with over 2,000 stores in the United States. Walmart operates as a discount grocery store, selling a wide variety of products at low prices. Like Costco and Sam’s Club, Walmart often offers membership programs that allow customers to save on their purchases.

You can find many products from amenities to DIY projects at Walmart. Wedding cakes are no exception! Walmart offers a wide variety of wedding cakes, from classic chocolate cake flavors to more exotic flavors like mango and passion fruit. Acrylic and fondant are also available at Walmart, so you can create a cake that is as unique as your wedding theme. Birthday party cakes are also a popular item at Walmart, as are cakes for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Walmart cakes are typically cheaper than cakes from other cake stores. Walmart cakes are also available in larger sizes than most cakes, so you can get a cake that will fit in your wedding cake stand or cake server. Your cake order can be placed online or in one of Walmart’s stores.

So, yes, you can find your perfect wedding cake at Walmart. According to their Facebook page, Walmart has been baking wedding cakes since 2011. They offer a variety of options from shape and size to flavor, filling, icing, and design.

Not every Walmart makes wedding cakes, however. While all of them are equipped with a bakery, not all of them can turn out cakes or take specific orders. Walmart Neighborhood Markets, for instance, are smaller stores that don’t offer this option.

Before you decide to go with Walmart for your wedding day confection, check to ensure your local store has a cake department. You can check if your local Walmart offers wedding cakes by calling in before heading in.

Does Walmart Make Custom Wedding Cakes?

If you’d like a customized wedding cake from Walmart, it’s necessary to talk with the cake decorators in the bakery department. Most Walmart cake decorators seem to stay with the designs they’ve been trained to make from the store’s catalog. However, some cake decorators may be willing to make a customized cake for your wedding.

If you’d like to order a customized sheet cake, however, this can be done through Walmart’s online ordering services. Just follow these steps to order your customized sheet cake:

  • Choose the number of servings you’ll need (12, 24, 48, or 96)
  • Choose your flavor (from the options offered by the store)
  • Add a filling, if desired (this costs extra)
  • Choose the type of frosting and your base color
  • Choose a piping border for the top of the cake (Walmart offers 7 styles and various colors)
  • Select the bottom border
  • Add flowers, if desired
  • Choose a message for the top of your customized cake
  • Add any special requests for the cake decorator if necessary

That’s it! Ordering a customized sheet cake for your wedding is easy!

Walmart has a great selection of pre-made wedding cake designs to choose from. You can browse the Walmart Wedding Cake Catalog to see the available designs. From there, you can select your flavor, filling, icing, etc.

Walmart also gives you the option of building your wedding cake from the ground up. Start by deciding whether you want a two or three-tier wedding cake, a full sheet cake, and add all the other elements you want, including your wedding cake topper.

If you have a unique, different, or fun idea that’s not an option on the site, speak with the lead cake decorator in the bakery department. Keep in mind, some bakers will only do designs set forth by Walmart, but others will work with you if your idea is doable for the team.

I’m Not Sure About my Wedding Cake Designs and Decorations

If you’re not sure about your cake’s design, don’t worry! You can get ideas from Walmart’s special occasion cake book! Here (see link above), you can find a number of designs for sheet cakes and two-tiered cakes. For instance, you can choose buttercream icing with piped roses, white pearls, sugar flowers, and more.

Another idea is to order a two-tiered cake that is iced (with frosting in your chosen color) but ask for it to be undecorated. This way, you can decorate the cake with flowers and other items that match your wedding décor. If you’re decorating with live or silk flowers, be sure to ask the florist for additional flowers to use for your wedding cake!

Are Walmart’s Wedding Cakes Good?

Everyone I talked to were very surprised at just how beautiful and high quality Walmart’s weddings cakes are.

Take a look at a few customer cakes and decide for yourself.

walmart wedding cake

walmart wedding cake 4

walmart wedding cake 7

What are my Cake Options?

You have several options available for a Walmart wedding cake. Pick from two or three-tiered round, sheet cakes, character cakes, and cupcakes.

For the sponge, you have the option of white, yellow, marble, or chocolate; although, if you go with a round cake, white and chocolate are the only flavors available.

The filling is another decision you will need to make. Walmart has the following filling flavors to choose from:




Bavarian cream



Be aware, not all of the fillings are available at every location, so check with your Walmart’s bakery before making your final decisions.

Next, pick out an icing color. Walmart has the following icing colors to choose from:

Pink (2-tones)



Blue (2-tones)









Typically, you can request deviations like light green. All icing colors come in either whipped or buttercream, as well.

How Long Does it Take For Walmart To Make A Custom Cake?

You should place your order at least eight days in advance for large and tiered cakes. Sheet and character cakes can be done within a 24-hours notice, but 48-hours is usually better.

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost At Walmart?

The price of your cake will depend on the type of cake you order, the style, and the design. The final price is also based on guest consumption. For example, a two-tier cake feeds approximately 64 guests. A three-tier is enough for up to 134 people.

Although there is no base pricing, you can expect to pay between $60 and $140 for a wedding cake from Walmart.

How To Order A Wedding Cake From Walmart

There are two ways to order your wedding cake. You can place the order in person or online.

For custom orders, it is better to place your order in-store. It allows you to speak directly to the lead cake decorator. They will be able to give you feedback on your ideas, plus provide alternatives if need be.

Ordering Online

If you prefer to order online, you can go to Walmart’s Order Ahead portal. You can pick a pre-designed cake, or you can follow the prompts to create your custom wedding dessert. It includes alternative options like a round cake with a dozen cupcakes, too.

Wrapping Up: Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes?

Yes, you can get a beautiful and delicious wedding cake from your local Walmart store. You can choose from beautiful pre-designed cakes or design something custom.

Make sure you check with your baker before making final decisions, however. Stop in with your ideas and let Wally World help make your big day extra special.

The centerpiece of any wedding is the cake, and Walmart has everything you need to make the perfect cake. So start your wedding planning by checking out Walmart’s wedding cake selection!

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