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Does Home Depot Offer Military Discount

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Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement stores in the world. They offer customers with great customer service and a variety of home improvement products.

Their customers come from all walks of life, with various home improvement needs. For example, they have customers who are building a new home, decorating their home, or making major repairs to their existing home.

They offer many military discounts on a variety of products, including construction materials and plumbing supplies. However, there are some military discounts that Home Depot does not offer. This is due to a variety of reasons, including federal laws and regulations.

Can You Get a Military Discount From Home Depot?

The answer is yes! The Home Depot gives a 10% discount every day to active military personnel, reserve army personnel, veterans, national guardsmen, and military spouses.

Recently, however, the discount policy of some stores has been changed. It is not possible to use  a Veteran, Military, or Dependent ID nor the form DD-214 at the register in order to get the discount.

Instead, if you want to take advantage of Home Depot’s military discounts, you must sign up for a virtual ID and then shop online. Alternatively, you can scan the app while you are in-store. Home Depot also imposed a maximum annual discount for military customers of $400. This rule was set in January 2022.

Does Home Depot Offer Military Discount

What Are the Discount Offers Eligible For Military Members at Home Depot?

Curious about the military discounts at Home Depot? Here are the most popular discounts that are available to active military personnel or retired ones:

Military-related Holiday Discounts

Any military personnel, both those in active duty or those who are retired, can get a military discount at Home Depot. You can take advantage of this discount for military-related holidays, such as Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Veterans Day.

You must show a valid government-issued military identification card in order to redeem this offer. In addition, the Home Depot does not post a discount policy online or in their stores. If they do, the discount policy may be handled differently at checkout.

Gift cards

Home Depot offers a 10% discount on gift cards, including Home Depot gift cards. The Home Depot has partnered with various businesses to offer this special offer. If you are a military member who wants to be frugal while shopping at Home Depot, then you can take advantage of this discount.

You can get this discount at any time during the year. This offer is available to military members, veterans, and active duty personnel, as well as military spouses.

Sign up to their newsletter

By signing up to Home Depot’s newsletter, you are likely to stay up to date with all their latest deals and exclusive offers. In addition, there may be loyalty perks you can gain from being subscribed to their newsletter.

Collect their coupons

If you have any friends or family members who are military members, then you can collect their coupons. Home Depot has a variety of coupons available for military members, as well as their spouses. You can find the current list of military discounts on their website.

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