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Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

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Sometimes you need to buy a cup of coffee or a small snack at Starbucks because you are tired. You may be so tired that you forgot to get your wallet or credit card to pay for your coffee.

If you have Apple Pay, you may be able to pay for your coffee quickly without having to take out your card. That is, if Starbucks accepts payments made wirelessly through the app you have on your phone.

Starbucks accepts payments using Apple Pay and other mobile wallets.

Apple Pay works at Starbucks when you order a drink at the register inside the store or using the Starbucks mobile app when you order a drink at home.

If you have all the information that you need stored in your mobile wallet, you shouldn’t have any problems paying for your Starbucks items as long as you have your smartphone.

Apple Pay stores the information that you input when you pay with your credit card, and when you get to the store, it transmits that information wirelessly to the credit card machine.

Starbucks accepts payments from all mobile wallets because all use the same technology. Mobile wallets that you can use other than Apple Pay are Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

How to Pay with Apple Pay in Starbucks?

It’s easier than you think to pay with Apple Pay if you keep your phone close to the credit card terminal while you wait in line.

Step One, Open the Apple Pay App on your iPhone. When you wait in line to pay, open the Apple Pay app on your smartphone to enable it to be as fast as possible. Your phone must be turned on and have a good battery life.

Step Two, Make Sure You Have the Right Debit Card. If you have multiple cards in your mobile wallet, verify the card you want to use. If you want to use a different card, just select it from the dropdown menu and then enter your code.

Step Three, Hold Your Phone Close to Card Reader. When you are ready, hold your phone up close to the terminal and ensure that your phone and the device are connected. You should see a message that tells you that your payment was successful.

If you are using the credit card terminal at a drive-thru, you will need to hand your phone to the cashier or have the cashier bring the reader closer to you.

Credit card terminals extend outside the window in most stores for this very reason, so the cashiers will be familiar with how to do this.

Cash is always going to be the currency of choice, so always keep an open wallet handy. We all need cash, but many of us don’t like to carry coins. And who wants to sit in line waiting for the cashier to take out the change?

You can pay for your coffee at Starbucks using Apple Pay or any other mobile wallet once you have added your debit card to the app. It’s easy and secure.

If you use Apple Pay, you will be able to pay for things at Starbucks almost everywhere you go. And you will have your favorite latte to get you there.

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