Does Walgreens Allow Dogs in their Stores?

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Most people like to take their pets with them wherever they go. After all, shopping with your best friend is exciting. Service dogs can go just about anywhere. But all dogs are not service animals.

Wondering whether you could take your dog to stores like Walgreens? Read on.

Does Walgreens allow dogs in their stores?

No, Walgreens doesn’t allow dogs in most of their stores. However, you may want to call your local Walgreens store to find out if your four-legged friend could come along.

Does Walgreens allow service dogs?

Yes, Walgreens allows service dogs in all of their stores. Asa matter of fact, you can take your service dog to pharmacies, restaurants, stores, beaches, or anywhere you go under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But, your dog should be under your control. And they should be leashed at all times.

According to the ADA, service animals are dogs that have received training to do chores for individuals with disabilities. These tasks include reminding a mentally ill individual to take medicines, pulling a wheelchair, alerting individuals who cannot hear, and guiding individuals who cannot see, to name a few.

However, the ADA does not consider dogs that offer emotional support, comfort, or companionship to be service animals.

Why are pet dogs not allowed in Walgreen stores?

Restaurants and grocery stores do not allow dogs because of health regulations. According to The Food and Drug Administration, animals like birds, cats, and dogs should not enter the premises of grocery stores. Also, a store may not allow dogs inside for safety reasons.


Pets dogs are not allowed to enter a Walgreens store. However, the pharmacy store allows service dogs in all of its stores. In fact, you can take your service dog with you anywhere you want as long as they are under your control. Above all, service dogs should be well-mannered at all times.

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