Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

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Balloons make parties fun, but they’re a challenge to fill up with gases like helium. Helium balloons, mylar ballons, foil balloons, 9-inch latex balloons, even jumbo inflated balloons make great party decorations. Not only are they beautiful and colorful, but they also provide an exciting atmosphere for your event.

If you’re planning a children’s party, you might want to check some retail stores for helium-filled novelty balloons. These balloons are soft and bouncy, and they make a great toy for the little ones. Kroger grocery store, Amazon, Meijer, Publix, Dollar General, CVS, Walmart, and other nearby store usually carry these balloons. Some filling services also offer helium balloons. You can call your local party supply store and ask if they offer this service.

Some of these balloons are also used for advertising purposes. For example, if you’re planning a company picnic, you might want to use helium balloons to promote your company’s logo. You can buy these balloons at most party stores or online, usually with no more than 99 cents only.

If you want to throw a party with balloons, Walmart may be your best bet. But does Walmart blow up balloons? And how much does it cost?

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Yes, Walmart does blow up party balloons but only in some of their stores. It costs around 25 cents per balloon. However, the cost may depend on the shape, size, and type of balloon you want blown up (for example if you want helium).

Which Walmart Stores Blow up Balloons?

Since only a few Walmart stores blow up balloons, call ahead to inquire before you visit. The chances of visiting a random Walmart that offers this service without making a call are pretty low.

However, locating a Walmart that blows up balloons is easy once you follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Walmart online Store
  2. Use the Walmart Store Finder
  3. Pick a Walmart close to your location
  4. Click on the “Details” icon to reveal the phone number
  5. Click on the phone number to make a call
  6. Call the nearby Walmart and ask if they blow up balloons
  7. If they do not, try another Walmart and repeat the steps above.

What Balloon Type Does Walmart Blow Up?

The Walmart stores that blow up balloons will fill up Mylar and Latex balloons of all sizes and shapes.

How Long Does It Take to Fill Balloons at Walmart?

It all depends on the number, size, and shape of the balloons you want to fill.  It usually takes about 2-3 minutes to fill up a balloon. So, you’ll need to consider this if you’re filling balloons on the way to a party or event.

If you have a large number of balloons, it can take quite a long time to have them filled.

So, planning in advance is highly recommended, even if you’re filling the balloons yourself!

Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons Bought at Other Stores?

No, you must buy the balloons directly from Walmart before the store will blow them up. However, there isn’t a clear-cut policy about this service, and you can contact the nearest Walmart store to find out if they can fill up balloons you bought at another store. You are likely to pay a higher fee if your request is accepted.

What Type of Balloons Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart offers a wide selection of balloons including:

  • Confetti balloons
  • Birthday balloons
  • Mylar balloons
  • Latex balloons
  • Balloon arches
  • And more

Walmart’s balloons start at about $2 and go up to $30 for a pack of 72 16” latex balloons.

Does Walmart Sell Balloons Online?

Yes, they do! However, if you purchase balloons on (including balloon bouquets and arches), they will arrive deflated. It’s necessary to inflate the balloons after they’ve been delivered.

What is the Most Popular Balloon at Walmart?

We did a little research and found that the most popular balloon at Walmart is the mylar balloon. These balloons come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including the following:

  • Standard mylar balloons (round, etc.)
  • Heart-shaped mylar balloons
  • Flower mylar balloons
  • Star-shaped mylar balloons
  • 1st birthday mylar balloons

Mylar balloons are the most popular because they last much longer and are fancier than traditional latex balloons.

What Can I Do if Nearby Walmart Does Not Blow-up Balloons?

You can buy helium tanks at a physical Walmart or online store if you prefer to blow up your balloons yourself. These helium tanks are easy to use and can fill up to fifty balloons depending on the balloon size. Helium tanks cost between $23 and $55 depending on the helium quantity and the number of balloons that require filling. Walmart’s standard helium tank size is around 14.9 cubic feet, equivalent to fifty 9-inch balloons or twenty-seven 11-inch balloons.

Another option is to blow up your balloons at other party supply stores like Party City, Party Depot or Wally’s Party Factory.

Are There Other Places That Blow Up Balloons?

Yes! If your nearest Walmart doesn’t offer this service, you can find alternative places that offer balloon blow up services, including:

  • Albertsons
  • Dollar General
  • CVS
  • Dollar Tree

We recommend calling your nearest locations and asking if they offer this service. Be sure to see if they charge for blowing up balloons and ask if you have to buy the balloons from them, etc.

Can I Blow Up Balloons at Sam’s Club?

No, you cannot blow up balloons at Sam’s Club. However, you can purchase helium tanks that you can use to fill up the balloons yourself.

How to Blow Up a Balloon

To blow up a balloon, first make sure that the balloon is inflated to the correct size. Most balloons are available in packages of 10 or more. To inflate the balloon, use a pump or your hands. Once the balloon is inflated, tie a knot in the end of the balloon string. This will keep the balloon from becoming un-inflated while you are using it.

When you are ready to use the balloon, hold the string in one hand and the balloon in the other. Put your mouth over the end of the balloon and blow into it. Be sure to keep your lips tightly closed so that air doesn’t escape. If you are using a jumbo or foil balloon, be sure to hold it by the string instead of by the balloon itself.

You can also release the balloon by gently pulling on the string. If you do not want the balloon to fly away, tie a knot in the string after you have released it. The balloon will still be inflated, but it will not be able to fly away. You can also cut the string if you want to release the balloon slowly. This will prevent the balloon from becoming un-inflated.

Blowing Up a Balloon with a Pump

If you do not have access to a hand pump, you can use a pump to inflate the balloon. To use the pump, attach the hose to the pump and connect the other end of the hose to the balloon. Pump the air into the balloon until it is inflated. The balloon will not fly away if it is inflated with air from a pump.

Wrapping it up: Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Yes, Walmart does fill up balloons but only at selected stores. Make sure you call the nearby Walmart in advance before proceeding to the store. Walmart has one of the lowest balloon blow up fees with the service costing around 25 cents for each balloon you fill up.

When it comes to choosing the right balloon for your event, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the theme of your party. Do you want a festive atmosphere, or do you want to focus on a specific activity or game? Second, consider the size of the balloon. Will it be used as a decoration or as part of an activity? Third, think about the cost. Are you willing to spend a little more for a better quality balloon? And finally, consider the availability of the balloon. Will it be easy to find at your local store or online?

The float time for a standard latex balloon is about 2 hours. For a jumbo balloon, the float time is about 4 hours. Balloon filling services usually charge by the number of balloons filled, not by the hour. You can also find Balloon Time Helium Tanks at most party supply stores. These tanks hold about 100 balloons and are perfect for large events.

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