Employee Discounts & Perks At Walmart Explained

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If you know anybody who works at Walmart, you may have noticed that they don’t shop anywhere else besides Wally World. It’s not private information that Walmart employees receive a generous discount, but just how big of a discount are they getting? Are they getting any other perks on top?

Let’s look at how Walmart’s employee discount policy really works.

How Does Walmart’s Employee Discount Work?

Walmart offers a 10% discount for all employees who have worked at least 90 days for the company. The employee discount works for most food and general merchandise sold in store and online, but not for things like gift cards, tires, or photo orders.

Moreover, Walmart also provides employees with discounts on travel, entertainment, and cell phone plans. Employees simply need to login into the ‘Walmart Associate Discount Centre’ online, and can then browse through a number of offers available exclusively to Walmart employees.

Some of these discounts may cut back on shipping charges, for example, while others lower the general price of the item. Either way, you’ll have access to these deals via the Walmart Associate Discount Card, which you’ll received after completing the initial 90-day period. You can also browse through the Walmart Associate Discount Center for more information on the latest deals.

Applying your existing discounts and vouchers is an easy process. If you’re making the purchase by physically visiting Walmart stores, all you’d need to do is present your Walmart Discount Card at the checkout. But how do you do this if you’re shopping online?

Thankfully, discounts are also applicable for online purchases. After picking your items at or the Walmart application, simply link your Walmart Discount Card to your account. By doing so, the multinational retail store will automatically apply any available discounts while you’re making a purchase.

Are There Any Items That Can’t Be Purchased Using The Employee Discount?

Yes, there are a number of categories of products that do not qualify for the Walmart associate employee discount. Any products on clearance or on sale cannot be bought using the 10% discount. Additionally, 3rd party marketplace items, gift cards, travel products, tires, and product bundles are also not licensed for the employee discount.

Do Part-Time Employees Get the Same Benefits as Full-Time Employees?

Now, what if you’re a part-time employee who is employed by Walmart? Do you get the same 10% discount? The answer is yes, as part-time employees are eligible for the same store discount benefits as full-time employees. However, you still have to meet the 90-day requirement to get the discounts.

It is worth noting, however, that other perks aside from discounts for purchases may be different depending if you’re working full-time or part-time. Insurance benefits, bonuses, and other incentives may be different depending on the number of hours you work on a daily basis. So, it’s generally a good idea to view your employee contract to get a full idea on the perks you are granted with.

Also, don’t expect any special privileges for being a part-time employee. You may not be entitled to special customer services or different workplace conditions, but rather just an additional 10% discount on products purchased at Walmart stores and online.

Do Employees Receive Additional Discounts On Holidays?

Walmart also offers additional benefits for employees who choose to work between November 27 to November 30. Any employee working on Thanksgiving day receives a free meal provided by the store, and all employees who choose to work between these dates receive an additional 15 percent discount on top of their general 10% while shopping from a selected group of products.

In addition, you can search for exclusive discounts on certain clearance items or regular items during specific dates. For example, reports have said that employers can stack up rollback items, vouchers, and other discounts throughout Black Friday. This is a fantastic way for you to save money by taking advantage of temporary special pricing set at a much lower cost than normal. The items valid for this discount includes all food items, even fresh produce. However, alcohol, milk, cigarettes, and gift cards are excluded from this benefit.

So, save your money and get more bang for your buck by paying close attention to time and date-specific coupons and deals.

Can Family Members Use The Employee Discount?

Walmart’s employee discount policy states that only an employee’s spouse or domestic partner is eligible to use their discount. When shipping the employee’s associate discount card, Walmart also ships an additional card for their spouse or significant other.

What Other Perks Do Walmart Employees Receive?

Now, are employee discounts the only perks that Walmart offers to its employees? The truth is that Walmart provides a number of other benefits to its employees.

For example, Walmart provides health insurance, as well as dental and vision plans for its employees. Associates who chose to opt for the company’s medical plan can also sign up for virtual doctor visits with no co-pay. Mental health is a priority at Walmart, and the company offers 3 face-to-face sessions with a licensed counselor for every employee each year. The company also offers various financial benefits such as matching 6% of an employee’s savings towards their 401(k) and also provide a stock purchase plan with a price match.

Conclusion – Employee Discounts At Walmart

Walmart offers their employees a 10% discount on most food and merchandise sold in their stores and online. Employees are eligible to use the discount after working at Walmart for a minimum of 90 days, and are allowed to share their discount privileges with one other person.

So if you are someone that works at Walmart, then you may be eligible for a 10% discount. This is the most common discount that many employees receive, and it’s not something that you need to worry about.

However, if you are looking for something more, then it’s time to look at the various other perks that Walmart offers. You can also turn to other well-known grocery stores, like Sam’s Club and Costco. Alternatively, you may be interested in going full online by joining Amazon.

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