Gas Stations With Vacuums Near Me: 7 Places To Vacuum Your Car For Cheap

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Are you looking for gas stations with vacuums near you? You’ve come to the right place.

Cleaning your car thoroughly maintains its look and has many benefits. So, make sure your car goes through the essential car service that will aid in maintaining it. One of the ways you can take care of your car is by cleaning it thoroughly. And you can easily clean your car interiors using vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is essential. However, cleaning the interior of your car regularly is equally important. Mold, grime, and dust damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle. You should use a vacuum cleaner regularly to clean the carpets and seats of your vehicle to prevent damage.

Having a clean car is also good for your mental and physical health. You will be surprised to know that an unclean car is the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and microorganisms.

Did you know that an unclean car has an impact on the fuel efficiency and gas mileage of your vehicle? Compared to an unclean car, a clean car can improve gas mileage by two miles per gallon. A dirty car, on the other hand, causes less MPG and increased friction.

What’s more, maintaining a clean car can increase its resale value, make you feel better, and enhance your mood. Want to know which gas stations have car vacuum cleaners? Then read on.

What is the cost of vacuuming the car at the gas station?

The cost of vacuuming the car at the gas station ranges between $0.75 and $1.25 for three to five minutes depending on your location. Most gas stations now have vacuum machines that run on coins. So, don’t forget to bring coins.

Gas stations with vacuums


You’ll have to pay $2 to vacuum your car for two minutes at 7-Eleven.

Find a 7-Eleven


BP charges around $1-$2 for two to five minutes of vacuuming your vehicle.

Find a BP


You’ll have to pay $0.75 to vacuum your car for two minutes at ARCO.

Find an ARCO

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 charges $0.75 for two to three minutes of vacuuming your vehicle.

Find a Phillips 66

Kwik Trip

KwikTrip charges $1 for three to five minutes of vacuuming your car.

Find a Kwik Trip


You’ll have to pay $1 to vacuum your vehicle for three to five minutes at Citgo.

Find a Citgo


Chevron charges $1 for five minutes of vacuuming your car.

Find a Chevron

How to Use a Gas Station Vacuum

To use a gas station vacuum, first make sure that the vacuum is properly assembled. Next, open the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin and empty it. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is plugged into an outlet and turned on. Position the vacuum cleaner so that the hose is pointing towards the car. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and wait until it starts to work. Now, start cleaning the car by using the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Clean all of the surfaces of the car. When you are finished cleaning, turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the outlet.

Tips for Using a Gas Station Vacuum

When using a gas station vacuum, be sure to:

1. Take advantage of gas stations’ credit card machines to pay for the vacuum cleaner

Using a gas station vacuum can be a great way to clean your car. However, be sure to take advantage of the machines that are available at gas stations. These machines often have credit card readers so that you can easily pay for the vacuum cleaner.

Gift cards are also available at many gas stations. This can be a bonus of using a gas station vacuum. You can claim the gift card after you have used the vacuuming service.

2. Hose placement

Put the hose over the area you want to clean before you turn on the vacuum. This keeps the vacuum from blowing dirt and debris into the air (key if you have allergies and asthma).

3. Hold the hose at an angle for effective cleaning

Hold the vacuum hose close to the surface you’re cleaning at a 45° angle. The closer the vacuum is to the interior surface of your car, the more effective it will be.

4. Move the vacuum hose slowly 

Slowly move the hose back and forth over the surface to be cleaned. If you move the hose too quickly, the vacuum won’t be able to pick up all the dirt.

When you’ve finished vacuuming, replace the hose and turn off the machine.

5. Avoid using the vacuum cleaner on the windshield

Using a gas station vacuum on the windshield can be dangerous. The vacuum cleaner can cause the glass to break. Instead, use the vacuum cleaner on the windows.

6. Avoid using the vacuum cleaner on carpets that are heavily soiled

Carpets that are heavily soiled can be difficult to clean with a gas station vacuum. Instead, use the vacuum cleaner on smaller areas of the carpet. This will make it easier to clean the carpet overall.

7. Avoid using the vacuum cleaner on materials that are sensitive to chemicals

Some materials, such as leather, are sensitive to chemicals. Use the vacuum cleaner on these materials with caution. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean these materials.

Why Go to Gas Stations?

Gas stations are a common sight on American roads. They are convenient places to buy fuel and often have other amenities, such as convenience stores and restaurants.

There are a variety of types of gas stations, including self-service, full-service, and convenience stores. Self-service gas stations allow customers to fill their own tanks, while full-service gas stations offer attendants who can fill the tanks for customers. Convenience stores typically sell food and beverages, as well as cigarettes and other items.

Car wash stations are also common at gas stations. Car washes use a variety of methods to clean the exterior and interior of a car. These methods include using water, soap, and chemicals. Free vacuum cleaners are often available at car washes.

Auto detailing is a process of cleaning and polishing the exterior and interior of a car. The goal is to make the car look new again. A good detailing job can help preserve the value of a car. Automotive detailing is a specialized skill that requires special equipment and training.

Sometimes, self-service gas stations and convenience stores offer car washes. A car wash is a facility where customers can wash their cars. Some car washes also offer detailing services.

So, gas stations offer vacuum cleaners for car cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to clean the interiors of cars. They are also designed to clean the carpets and seats. Free air filters are also available for purchase at most gas stations. The air machine at a gas station can also be used to clean the windows.

Express car wash services are also available at most gas stations. These services can be used to clean the exterior of the car. The service includes a bucket, cloths, and a vacuum cleaner. If the inside of your car needs to be cleaned, the service can also include a detailed cleaning. The vacuuming service can be used to clean the dashboard, the seats, and the carpets.

Run times for the vacuum cleaners vary, but most are designed to run for around thirty minutes. Most gas stations also offer a courtesy vacuum cleaner for customers who do not have their own vacuum cleaner.

What About Car Washes with Free Vacuums?

If you’re having trouble finding a gas station that offers a vacuum cleaner, you may want to consider searching for a local car wash with a free vacuum cleaner for your car. Many newer car washes allow you to vacuum your car for free.

However, others only offer this service if you’re a paying customer. If you’ve washed your car at a particular car wash about every other month, chances are the staff won’t get mad if you use their vacuum cleaner.

How to Find a Car Wash with a Free Vacuum?

All you need to do is use Google (or the search engine you prefer) and do a search for “car wash with free vacuum cleaner near me.” That’s the easiest and fastest way to find a car wash that offers a free car vacuum in your location.

If your car floor mats are extremely dirty, it’s best to wash them off rather than vacuum them. They’re pretty easy to clean. If you clean the mats at a car wash, you’ll more than likely need to pay for the service.


Gas stations are essential for keeping vehicles running and are a common sight on American roads. The popularity of gas stations has led to a variety of businesses that sell gas, including convenience stores, truck stops, and full-service stations.

There are a variety of types of gas stations, including self-service stations, where customers must pump their own gas; full-service stations, where attendants pump the gas for customers; and premium stations, which sell gasoline with higher octane ratings.

Gasoline is a vital commodity for vehicles, and the industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of drivers. New technologies, such as fuel cells and ethanol fuel, are being developed to improve the environmental impact of gasoline use.

Aside from gasoline, gas stations also sell other automotive products, such as oil, filters, and tires. Gas stations also offer cleaning services, facilities, and repairs.

Regular car maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle in good condition. Moreover, properly maintaining your car will improve its fuel efficiency and keep it on the road for a long period of time. The car’s interior should be cleaned regularly as it can be an ideal place for the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Many gas stations like 7-Eleven, BP, ARCO, Phillips 66, and Kwik Trip have car vacuum cleaners. You will also find vacuum cleaners at gas stations that wash cars.

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