Gas Stations With Vacuums Near Me: 7 Places To Vacuum Your Car For Cheap

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gas station with vacuums

Are you looking for gas stations with vacuums near you? You’ve come to the right place.

Cleaning your car thoroughly maintains its look and has many benefits. So, make sure your car goes through the essential car service that will aid in maintaining it. One of the ways you can take care of your car is by cleaning it thoroughly. And you can easily clean your car interiors using vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is essential. However, cleaning the interior of your car regularly is equally important. Mold, grime, and dust damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle. You should use a vacuum cleaner regularly to clean the carpets and seats of your vehicle to prevent damage.

Having a clean car is also good for your mental and physical health. You will be surprised to know that an unclean car is the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and microorganisms.

Did you know that an unclean car has an impact on the fuel efficiency and gas mileage of your vehicle? Compared to an unclean car, a clean car can improve gas mileage by two miles per gallon. A dirty car, on the other hand, causes less MPG and increased friction.

What’s more, maintaining a clean car can increase its resale value, make you feel better, and enhance your mood. Want to know which gas stations have car vacuum cleaners? Then read on.

What is the cost of vacuuming the car at the gas station?

The cost of vacuuming the car at the gas station ranges between $0.75 and $1.25 for three to five minutes depending on your location. Most gas stations now have vacuum machines that run on coins. So, don't forget to bring coins.

Gas stations with vacuums


You’ll have to pay $2 to vacuum your car for two minutes at 7-Eleven.

Find a 7-Eleven


BP charges around $1-$2 for two to five minutes of vacuuming your vehicle.

Find a BP


You’ll have to pay $0.75 to vacuum your car for two minutes at ARCO.

Find an ARCO

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 charges $0.75 for two to three minutes of vacuuming your vehicle.

Find a Phillips 66

Kwik Trip

KwikTrip charges $1 for three to five minutes of vacuuming your car.

Find a Kwik Trip


You’ll have to pay $1 to vacuum your vehicle for three to five minutes at Citgo.

Find a Citgo


Chevron charges $1 for five minutes of vacuuming your car.

Find a Chevron


Regular car maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle in good condition. Moreover, properly maintaining your car will improve its fuel efficiency and keep it on the road for a long period of time. The car’s interior should be cleaned regularly as it can be an ideal place for the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Many gas stations like 7-Eleven, BP, ARCO, Phillips 66, and Kwik Trip have car vacuum cleaners. You will also find vacuum cleaners at gas stations that wash cars.

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