Lenscrafters Contact Lens Exam Cost – Detailed Price Overview

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Cost of Lenscrafters Eye Exam

The typical price for an eye test at LensCrafters is about $73, and it costs $113 for fitting of contact lenses. LensCrafters offers eye examinations at any location; some optometrists are not affiliated with LensCrafters, and the doctor decides what the exam costs are

  • Eye Exam costs $73
  • Contact Lens Fitting costs $113

Prices vary based on where you live and what services you need. Some tests may cost more than others, so make sure to call ahead to get a full estimate from your LensCrafters. If you purchase a pair of glasses through an e-commerce site, you will have the option of using a service called Afterpay or Affirm that will enable you to pay for them in 4 equally spaced payments.

Cost of Lenscrafters Contact Lens

LensCrafters sell prescription lenses in-house or on the internet, but you will need to show that you have a valid prescription to have them sent or collected. Prices for single-purpose lenses start at $29.99 and go up to $230.99 for disposable lenses.

  • Daily Disposable (90) costs $52 to $130
  • Monthly Disposable (90) costs $49 to $105
  • Astigmatism (90) costs $67 to $195
  • Multifocal costs $40 to $188

LensCrafters has a wide selection of top quality contact lenses in stock, and they have a wide range to match your needs. Some brands that are currently offered are DAILIES,  LensCrafters, Air Optix, Biofinity, Precision, Ray-Ban, Ultra, and more.

What Insurance Does Lenscrafters Take?

LensCrafters accept most insurance plans offered by major companies for in-person or online purchases. You will be able to check if LensCrafters accept your plan by going to their page that shows the insurance plans they accept.

In almost all cases, the full amount of the balance that your insurance company may not pay will be the only thing that you pay, unless you have coverage from any of these outside of your insurance company’s network.

If there is a plan that covers you for the cost of eyeglasses, you can go to Lenscrafters and talk to the optometrist about it and verify that you are eligible to use it.

EyeMed Vision Care, and most vision insurance policies from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Humana are all acceptable at Lenscrafters. On the Lenscrafters insurance site, you will find a list of vision insurance plans that are accepted. It is important to always get your coverage through your insurance company.

Lenscrafters Contact Lens Exam Cost

What to Expect During An Eye Exam

Annual sight tests are necessary to ensure your eyes are healthy. Lenscrafters offers you an annual eye examination that involves several tests to check how well you see and how well you are overall.

Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, and other diseases that can affect your vision are easily diagnosed by performing a series of tests in your eye. Many diseases are not easily diagnosed because the symptoms are very vague. They are very hard to identify without the help of a highly skilled eye doctor.

Your optometrist will talk with you briefly about any findings that may be useful. If you need to decide on a new frame or lens, you will discuss the many eyewear options that are available to you. Experience is all that you need to see a skilled eye doctor. Are there any financial concerns associated with having an eye exam? Most health insurance companies will accept most insurances, and you may pay for glasses or other eyewear with your FSA/HSA account.

How to Get Lenscrafters Eye Exam

Find Lenscrafters

LensCrafters offers eye tests at many of its locations. You will be able to book an appointment by going to the LensCrafters website, or you will be able to find a location or get a phone number to call if necessary.

Make An Appointment

LensCrafters stores allow customers to walk in or make an appointment to repair their lenses on the same day. In order to receive the attention and professional service that you need, you must either book an appointment with LensCrafters online or contact your local store to make an appointment or to ask any questions.

When deciding to book your treatment appointment online, you have the opportunity to find several medical offices in your area. You also get information on arranging payment, insurance and the doctor you may see.

How to Renew Prescription

LensCrafters does not have the ability to renew your prescription for contact lenses or glasses. If you have a prescription that has expired, you will have to have a new eye exam and get a prescription. You are free to go to LensCrafters or to any other qualified eye doctor for that.

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