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Target Contact Lens Exam Cost – Detailed Price Overview

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There are more than 500 Target stores that offer optical services, such as offering contacts, glasses, and eye exams. You must pre-register to have an appointment, or you may also try to schedule a walk-in appointment. It looks and functions just as you would expect an optometrist to look. There are several types of lenses that hang on the ceiling and there is a chair that can be pushed up and down.


Target Optical provides options for optical products, which include:

  • Brands: Oakley, Ray-Ban, and more of high-end selections.
  • Glasses: eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and no-lens glasses.
  • Lenses: single-vision, no-line progressive, progressive, prescription-free lenses, or lined bifocals.
  • Lens features: plastic, high index, polycarbonate, blue-light-filtering, polarized lenses, and photochromic
  • Contact lenses: soft, rigid, daily disposable, colored, frequent replacement, overnight, hybrid lenses, multifocal, and lenses for astigmatism.

In-store and Online Experience

When you are in a store to buy something, you may chat with a staff member who will be able to answer your questions. You can get a free eye exam, try on some frames, and pay with a Target RedCard.

You can’t have your eyes checked out if you want to buy glasses or contact lenses over the internet; the website also doesn’t work with RedCard. But you have more options to choose from on the web than you do in stores. Both buying glasses and also contacts online and in-person have the same warranties, guarantees, and shipping hours for contacts and glasses.

Cost of Target Optical Services

Frames cost from about $100 and up to about $320, not counting lenses. There will be sales from time to time, so check out sales if you need to buy frames immediately.

Single-Vision Lens

Lenses made from plastic cost $75 and are included with UV protection and scratch resistance. Premium polycarbonates are available for $160, and have the similar features as regular lenses, including resistance to impact, smudges, and glare.

You are able to get ComfortLight Performance of Hi-Index lenses for $250, which Target says offer the sharper vision experience. These lenses are thin and light, and are perfect for people who have strong prescription but don’t want to wear bulky glasses.

Progressive Lens

All three of the progressive vision lenses have the similar single-vision features, but they are more costly, as is usual for advanced lenses. There are three main types of lenses available: Standard lenses made from plastic are $200, premium polycarbonate lenses are $285, and for the ComfortLight Performance lenses are $375.

Target Contact Lens Exam Cost

Contact Lens

Prices vary between $29 and $200/box, based on the type and size of the package. Target Optical carries most of the major manufacturers of contact lenses, which cost anywhere from $40 to $188, based on how frequent you want to change them and what prescription type you have.

  • Daily Disposable (90) costs $47 to $133
  • Monthly Disposable (90) costs $60 to $188
  • Astigmatism (90) costs $49 to $133.
  • Multifocal costs $40 to $188

Target Optical sells a wide variety of brand names, including Acuvue, DAILIES, Air Optix, Biofinity, Clariti, Ray-Ban, Proclear, Myday, and Prevision 1. You will be able to buy them in-store and even online, but you need a legit prescription to get them.

Contact Lens Fitting

Target Optical charges $125 for both the eye test and first contact lens fitting. It is unlike buying glasses, where you buy the frames and try them for free.

It is a bit more expensive to get these lenses fitted, but it does help people understand how the lenses work. It is necessary to properly fit the lenses for optimal vision. It may be necessary to identify problems that are not being resolved properly. Although it may be an extra cost, the procedure of fitting the lenses in this manner will be necessary for them to work properly.

Eye Exam

It may cost you between $60 and $100 to get an eye exam at Target Optical. You will get an extra cost for pupil dilation, as well as the fitting for contact lenses.

What Insurance Does Target Optical Take?

Target Optical is a preferred provider of many vision insurance plans. If you have MetLife or VSP, you are able to call 1-877-848-8476 and have Target Optical’s customer service help you process your orders.

Target Optical also offers customers great discounts and promotions for outside-network insurance policies, and you should self-insure them to claim any benefits that you may be entitled to.

How to Renew Prescription

Target Optical cannot refill your prescription for contact lenses or glasses; if your prescription has already expired, you should get a new one.

Eye tests are available in-person at all Target Optical stores. You can also go to a different location and get your eye exam there and then come back to Target Optical to buy your glasses or contact lenses.

Company Reputation and Customer Review

Target was founded in 1982. It is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been given an F rating by BBB. Accreditation shows that if a company is reputable, it will handle customer complaints fairly; it indicates that the company is trustworthy and is honest.

Target Optical has received very few positive reviews from Trustpilot or Google. But many people have a great experience when they have an eye exam at Target Optical.

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