Playing Roblox to Make Money? A VPN Will Help

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Roblox enjoyed a 31% year-on-year growth during the first two years of the pandemic. As more online entertainment was sought out, Roblox was a key winner. The game now has over 55 million daily users, and in the first quarter of this year, Roblox had 3.8 billion hours of user engagement.

Many individuals are not just enjoying the engaging gameplay however, they are making real money too. Entrepreneurs can generate income through selling skins, avatars, and power-ups, and from the creation of games. There is an in-game currency called Robux and these can be exchanged for real-world money through the Roblox Developer Exchange Program. 

Community developers can take 25% of a game’s earnings, and by the end of 2020, payouts had amounted to $329 million. The minimum cashout is 100,000 Robux which equals $350.

But, there are times when a Roblox entrepreneur can find their enterprise somewhat hindered by geography, and even playing a simple game with friends can be impossible. This is where a VPN may come in useful. 

How could a VPN help a Roblox entrepreneur?

Roblox servers are based in different regions around the world. For that matter, so are the servers for many other popular games such as Minecraft and Call of Duty.

This is so that players in those regions can get the fastest connections and enjoy games with lower ping and no lag. So, it is quite often that these servers are restricted to players in those regions only. 

If you are on vacation or traveling abroad for any reason, you may find your Roblox progress blocked, or at least limited to local servers. Your regular US or European server may be out of reach, and you won’t be able to run your games and make Robux.

But, if you play Roblox with a VPN you can switch to the US or any other server, and carry on making Robux uninterrupted. 

Is using a VPN allowed within Roblox’s rules?

All social media, gaming, and entertainment platforms have some form of terms of usage in place. These are generally there to protect IP, and privacy, and to provide a safer time online for all users. Sometimes though they can actually make situations worse, even when they are meant to improve things.

It was suggested in 2021, that Roblox creators may be clamping down on VPNs and their use in the game. The reasoning behind this was that people could access different servers anonymously, and thus suspicious behavior would be harder to track. 

The use of a VPN could lead to a ban, and the loss of months of creative development, plus potentially thousands of Robux. Fortunately, there are several VPNs that are specifically recommended for Roblox. And making money within the game isn’t the only grounds for using a VPN. If the new rules are strictly followed they could theoretically make Roblox a less safe environment.

Are there other reasons to use a VPN with Roblox?

While a VPN can change your location, there are other features built-in as a standard that can help with any online activity. 

Traditionally, children may be taught about entrepreneurship through lemonade stands. These days youngsters are more likely to sell lemonade online through an ecommerce start-up.

Whether you are making money through Roblox or just enjoying the creative nature behind it, a VPN is an important tool to use. 

Hiding your true identity online is vital for privacy, and a VPN will mask your location and your IP address. This way you can protect yourself from online abuse, and the risk of swatting.

If you are playing the game while on a trip then you may be using a public network. A vacation will possibly mean you need to use the hotel’s WiFi or a connection in a cafe. Fortunately, there is tech for smoother business travel than can be used here, and it is in the form of a VPN. These may be more at risk from targeted attacks, and you may be at risk of a cyber-attack. 

A VPN should always be used when accessing the net, but even more so if using an unfamiliar public network.


It is right that Roblox’s developers are worried about the safety of their young audience, and VPNs can potentially be used for the wrong reasons. However, there are too many good causes for using a VPN online for a blanket ban to be put into place. 

When there have been high-profile cases of swatting and bullying online, private details such as names, addresses, and IPs must be kept secure. And if you are a Roblox entrepreneur, then there are other reasons for wanting to use a VPN.

Not only can you protect your identity but you can access overseas servers. You could do this to sell items to a wider audience, or just to connect with friends in other countries.

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