Walmart’s Bereavement Policy Explained

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walmart bereavement policy

Employees at Walmart are just like everybody else. They have major life events, including the deaths of family and friends, that take place outside of work and require them to take time off to tend to the unexpected.

But what is Walmart's bereavement policy? How long do employees get off of work, and what is the process?

What is Walmart's bereavement policy?

As a company, Walmart offers a standard immediate family member bereavement policy for its associates that allows them to be absent from work to attend the funeral of a loved one and personal time to grieve.

This time does not count against you as an employee but does come with specific criteria. To take leave, you must confirm the absence with your supervisor and specify the period of time. Additionally, there are nuances with pay depending on the circumstances.

How do I confirm the absence?

To get approval for time off due to bereavement, it is necessary to have a conversation with your direct supervisor. For them to approve your time off, they need to know when you will take the days and for how long.

It is worth noting that bereavement does not take away from any vacation time you have saved up, as long as you take it in the standard time increments. All Walmart associates are allowed up to three days of bereavement leave in addition to their standard paid time off.

At times, you may be asked to provide proof of the death. While this will vary depending on the store you work at, you can often provide it through an obituary, visitation booklet, or death certificate.

Why do they need to know how long?

Your supervisor needs to know the duration you will be out of work for planning and scheduling purposes. While many will return to work after the standard three days allotted, some grieve according to specific cultural traditions.

For example, some cultures require an extended period of grieving that is longer than what Walmart typically provides. Additionally, if an associate has lost a close family member, they may not be ready to return to work after the standard three days. These circumstances have to be planned to have proper coverage for shifts.

Do I get paid while on bereavement leave?

Walmart provides full pay for three days of bereavement leave. After those three days, it is up to the supervisor and managers to decide how much of the rest will be covered as paid.

Therefore, if you know that you will be out longer than three days, it is necessary to communicate that with your supervisor as soon as you can. At times, if the death was a close relationship or there are extenuating cultural circumstances, there may be additional paid days available. However, it is also possible that you may be asked to take unpaid or vacation time to cover the extra days taken off of work.

Conclusion – does Walmart offer bereavement?

Yes, Walmart does have a bereavement policy in place for their associates. While there are three days available to all workers, it is required to confirm your absence with your direct supervisor.

Additionally, as an associate, you will need to relay what amount of time off is required. This information will help your management plan for coverage and pay.

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