Does Costco Price Match?

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costco price matching

Price matching is a policy implemented in many stores where if a competitor has a lower price than the store you're buying from is selling the product for, you can buy the product at the competitor's price.

For example, if you are at an appliance store and want to buy a coffee maker for $35 and see a coupon for the same exact coffee maker at another appliance store for $25, you can price match the coffee maker you want to buy.

Does Costco Price Match?

No, Costco does not price match. Costco's company mission is to have the lowest prices and best bargain for any given product. They do extensive market and competitor research before introducing any item into their stores.

As a result, Costco does not price match. They are not in the business of nickel and diming price wars with their competition – their business is in selling items at price points that their competitors cannot compete with to begin with because their business models are different.

Why Doesn't Costco Price Match?

Another reason Costco doesn't price match is to not feed into the competitive market that most stores focus on. If prices get too competitively low, stores will not make much profit and eventually come back in the form of raised product prices in the long run.

Costco also values having a loyal customer base. By not encouraging customers to check prices at other stores for the possibility of price matching, Costco is training its customers to rely on Costco for having the lowest possible price.

However, if a lower price becomes available for the product within 30 days of purchasing, Costco will pay you back the new and original price difference.

Unfortunately, this policy only applies to Costco members and not regular retail customers. The policy will also not extend to cigarette or alcohol purchases.

There are also ways to ask for a price adjustment at Costco. Going to Costco's membership counter or going online to the Costco customer service page are both methods of requesting a price adjustment.

How Do I Price Match at a Store?

If you happen across an opportunity to price match at a store, you can typically go up to the customer service desk or call a number specifically for price matching.

Going to customer service and showing the employees your price matching coupon might appear to be an inconvenience for some customers but will pay off in the long run for those willing to take the time to price match.

Shop Smart

Costco has your best interest in mind when they create their prices. Although there can be many benefits to price matching in stores, there are also benefits like increased customer loyalty and overall lower long-term pricing when they don't rely on competition to drive their sales.

Despite their lack of price matching policy, Costco is still a top competitor in having the fairest and best-priced products on the market.

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