Walmart’s Drug Test & Background Check Policy Explained

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walmart background check and drug testing
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If you're applying for a position at Walmart, you might be wondering if they do background checks and if you'll be required to take a drug test.

There's a lot of mixed information out there. We decided to get to the bottom of it.

Does Walmart required background checks and drug tests for all employees? Let's dive in.

Does Walmart Drug Test Employees?

Yes, Walmart requires drug tests from employees, but ONLY for certain departments.

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Here are the positions where Walmart will need you to take a drug test:

  • If you're applying for a job in the deli department.
  • If you're applying for a job in the pharmacy department.
  • If you're applying for a job in the sporting goods department.
  • If you're applying for a job in the auto center department.
  • If you're applying for a management position.

Walmart does not conduct pre-screening drug tests for other entry-level positions anymore (Entry-level positions include stockers, backroom associates, and cashiers). After checking Indeed and existing employee blogs, it seems that Walmart hasn’t drug tested new entry-level hires since at least 2017.

NOTE: You will also need to take a drug test if you get injured and want to apply for workers comp.

Does Walmart conduct random drug testing?

Technically, Walmart can conduct random drug tests. However, it seems to be a very rare case. From reading over 100 cases of hiring at Walmart, and speaking with dozens of employees, we only found one single instance of a random drug test being administered, and it was for an employee working in the pharmacy.

Most Walmart employees have worked for years without having to go through any random drug tests.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Administer?

Walmart uses standard urine testing for their drug tests. Specifically, they are testing for five main drugs:

  1. Methamphetamine
  2. Marijuana
  3. Heroin
  4. Cocaine
  5. PCP

Uring tests are the most popular kind of drug test because they're the simplest and fastest. After examination, Walmart can get the results back in just a day or two.

Is it possible to cheat on a Walmart drug test?

If you know you'll test positive for drug use, it's best to come clean with HR and perhaps try to explain the situation clearly. Cheating on a drug test is near impossible. Test administrators undergo several checks to make sure the uring samples are legitimate, including temperature checks on the urine.

What Happens If You Fail Your Drug Test?

Failing your drug test can lead to termination. Failing to complete the drug test in the allotted time frame can also lead to termination.

Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Yes, Walmart conducts background checks on all employees. If you applied for a position at Walmart, they will do a background check before offering you the job.

How many years back does Walmart go for background checks?

Under Federal Law, Walmart can only go back seven years on your record for jobs earning under $85,000 per year, and 14 years for jobs that earn over $85,000 per year.

However, some employees have reported that Walmart HR went back 20 years for their background checks, which is frightening to say the least. After speaking with several Walmart employees, it seems that Walmart frequently checks further back than 7 years. Note that some states permit background checks to go back 10 years.

What if I was arrested but not convicted?

Arrests with convictions are a red flag. If you were arrested, but no convictions were made, then it's technically okay. However, the arrest will still show up on your record and it could sway the decision of HR.

Will Walmart hire ex-felons?

Technically, and officially, the answer is YES, Walmart does hire ex-felons. However, after speaking with over a dozen ex-felons who applied to Walmart, it seems that they rarely get offered the position in the end.

Does Walmart check your credit score as part of the background check?

Credit scores show up during background checks, but Walmart does not use your credit score as part of their hiring decision.


Yes, Walmart conducts background checks on all employees before they are hired. Drug testing is only required when you work in pharmacy, deli, sporting goods, auto, and managerial roles.

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