Does Prime Video Have 4K Resolution?

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Amazon Prime Video is an online streaming service that features hundreds of popular movies and shows. It is available in over 200 nations worldwide except Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Mainland China.

At present, 4K is the best video quality available to users and has a resolution of 2,160 x 3,840 pixels. With 4K, you get 4 times the resolution of traditional HD.

But does Amazon Prime Video support 4K ultra high definition content?

Does Prime Video have 4K?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video does have 4K shows and films. It has a huge collection of 4K movies and TV shows that covers a variety of genres. In order to view 4K content, you should have a fast internet connection and a 4K-ready device. A lot of media players, mobile devices, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and computer displays are able to stream in 4K.

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Which devices are compatible with 4K streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

Here are some of the devices that are compatible with Amazon Prime 4K.

  • Amazon devices: Amazon Fire tablet, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick
  • Games consoles: Sony PlayStation 5, Sony Playstation 4 Pro, Microsoft Xbox Series S and Xbox One X, Microsoft Xbox One
  • Smart TVs: Changhong, Skyworth, Insignia, TCL, JVC, Sharp, Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Sony
  • Mobile devices: Android devices
  • Select Blu-ray players by Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG
  • Media players and Set-Top Boxes: Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Google Chromecast

What internet speed is required for 4K streaming?

In order to stream Prime Video content in 4K, you require an internet speed of a minimum of 15 megabits per second (Mbps). However, a lot of 4K viewers suggest getting an internet service that streams 25 Mbps. Remember, fast download speed is important for viewing television shows and films at home.

Do Prime Video subscribers have to pay more to view content in 4k?

Amazon Prime Video offers its 4K shows and movies to subscribers at no additional cost. It also offers content for purchase or rental. You will have to pay a little more for buying or renting 4K TV shows and movies, compared to their standard definition and high definition versions.

On the other hand, the streaming service Netflix requires customers to pay more ($17.99 every month) for its Premium service to get access to all the Ultra HD 4K content.

How do you find 4K content on Prime Video?

Prime users can use the search tool to find 4K content irrespective of what device they are using. This will show the results for TV series and films in 4K.

Prime Video’s 4K movies and shows include Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Hunger Games franchise, Angel Has Fallen, The Big Sick, The Man In The High Castle, The Grand Tour, The Boys, Hunters, Hanna, and much more.


The online streaming service Amazon Prime Video supports 4K television shows and movies. The service suggests that Amazon Prime Video subscribers have an internet speed of a minimum of 15 Mbps to stream 4K content. Plus, to view 4K content, customers should have a 4K-ready device.

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