Where To Get Free Wooden Crates: 9 Sources For Free Pallets Near You

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Are you looking for a unique and stylish way to store your belongings? If so, wooden crates might be the perfect solution for you! These crates are made from natural wood and are a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to any room. Not to mention, they are also very durable and can hold a lot of weight. So if you’re looking for a storage option that will look great and last long, wooden crates might be the perfect option for you!

You can use wooden crates to organize your things and build furniture. They are also used to transport heavy books, mirrors, glass, and big electronics items. This is not all. You can also use a crate as a shoe rack. Wooden crates can be used to store groceries, books, blankets, magazines, and pillows. Many folks use wooden crates as shelves. Further, wooden crates are eco-friendly because they are made of strong and natural materials.

The good news is that there are many ways you can get wooden pallets without spending a dime.

Wood Crates vs Cardboard Boxes

Let’s say that you want to have a home for your collectibles. You might think about using cardboard boxes, but they’re not very durable and can be easily damaged. Wooden crates, on the other hand, are much more durable and can last for years. They’re also much more stylish, so you can show off your collection without having to worry about it being damaged.

Wooden crates are also a great option if you’re looking for a storage solution for large items. You can use them to store furniture, toys, or any other large item. They’re also a great option if you’re looking for a storage solution that’s both stylish and durable.

What Do Companies Do with Used Wooden Crates and Pallets?

Large businesses order many supplies, many of which come packed on wooden pallets. You may think a larger company is a great place to get your wooden crates. But hold that thought for just a moment.

Large businesses, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart, usually return, recycle, or reuse their wooden crates and pallets through internal logistics teams. They may also use third-party companies for this purpose. You can definitely ask the store manager if you can have some of the wooden crates; however, don’t be surprised if they say no. But there are other alternative places to get wooden crates.

Smaller businesses are usually a better option. Many of them throw their wooden crates and pallets away. They don’t have the means to have their crates hauled off and/or recycled. Some small businesses leave their wooden crates next to their dumpsters so their trash service will pick them up.

Even if you find wooden crates near the company’s dumpster, it’s a good idea to ask the manager if it’s OK for you to take the free crates.

Where to Find Free Wood Crates

So, where to get free or cheap wooden crates? Scroll down to know about these places!

Recycling Centers

recycling center

Recycling centers often get wooden crates that are in good condition. Find out if you have a recycling center in your area. Ask them if they have any unwanted wooden crates you could take.

Video Game Stores

Video game stores get a lot of inventory (games, gaming merchandise, gaming systems, etc.) in wooden pallets. Call your local video game store to find out if it allows free wooden crate pickup from anyone who needs them.

Publishing Companies

newspaper company

Newspaper companies get and send shipments (printing supplies, paper, etc.) in wooden crates regularly. And they may allow you to have their wooden crates for free.

Small Garden Centers

Small garden centers have products that are shipped or delivered in wooden crates regularly. So, consider asking your local garden store for free wooden crates.

Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores primarily store and transport vegetables and fruits in wooden crates. They may be ready to give wooden crates away for free. Check your local Walmart, Costco, or Walgreens for the best results.

Liquor Stores

liquor store

Liquor is transported and stored in wooden crates. Ask your local liquor store if they have free wooden crates.

Construction Sites

Wooden crates can also be found on construction sites. Consider asking construction builders if they know where you can find free wooden crates.


Craigslist is an excellent place to find free wooden crates. All you have to do is find your area, and you will find wooden pallets listed for free under the “for sale” section.


Freecycle is a website that lets people receive and give items they want for free. You may be able to find wooden crates for free there.

Why Use Wooden Crates?

There are a few reasons why wooden crates might be a good choice for storage, especially if you’re looking for a unique and stylish option. Let’s take a look:

1. They’re Eco-Friendly

Wooden crates are a sustainable option because they’re made from natural materials. They’re also relatively easy to care for, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money keeping them in good condition.

2. They’re Versatile

Wooden crates can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, shipping, and even decoration. You can choose different types of wood to create a unique look for your crate, or choose a style that matches your existing decor.

3. They’re Functional

Wooden crates are perfect for storing items that you need quick access to, like medicines or tools. They’re also sturdy enough to hold heavier items, so you won’t have to worry about them falling apart if you accidentally knock them over.

4. They’re Economical

Wooden crates are a cost-effective option compared to other storage options. You can buy them in bulk and save money, or you can select smaller crates that are easier to store. These crates also look more expensive than their plastic or metal counterparts, so they can be a great choice for high-end stores or businesses.

5. They’re Unique

Wooden crates are a unique and stylish option that can add personality to your storage space. They’re also easy to customize, so you can create a look that’s perfect for your needs.

Before Taking Free Wooden Crates or Pallets Home

Wear Gloves

When picking up or working with wooden pallets, wear heavy work gloves. The wood could have splinters that can cause an injury. The gloves will keep you safe from such injuries.

Inspect the Wood

It’s best to inspect the wooden crates or pallets before taking them home. Some businesses may have wet goods (such as water, certain foods, wine, etc.). These products can break open and stain the wood and other issues.

As mentioned above, you also want to watch out for nails and splinters that may be sticking out of the wood. Be sure to check the wood crate’s front and back to look for large cracks or splits in the wood. These issues make the wood unusable for your project.

Another issue to watch out for is wooden crates with oil or grease stains. These are hard to remove and extremely hard to cover with paint.

Wooden Crates DIY Project

Home decor is all about finding the perfect balance of function and style, and wooden crates are a great way to achieve this balance. Not only are they stylish, but they are also very durable and can hold a lot of weight. If you’re looking for a storage option that will look great and last long, wooden crates might be the perfect solution for you!

Wooden shipping crates make great DIY storage solutions. Here are some things you can do with a few crates:

1. Make a coffee table out of them!

A coffee table made out of wooden crates is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to any room. Simply cut the crates into desired height and width, and then stain or paint them to match your room.

You can use wooden boxes from a store, or you can find crates that are already pre-cut and ready to go. Fruit crates are a great option for this project, as they are sturdy and colorful.

2. Make a storage unit for your tools and toolshed

A storage unit made out of wooden crates is a great way to organize your tools and toolshed. Simply cut the crates into desired height and width, and then stain or paint them to match your room.

You can use wooden boxes from a store, or you can find crates that are already pre-cut and ready to go. Fruit crates are a great option for this project, as they are sturdy and colorful. In addition, wood boxes make great storage units for items like hammers and nails.

Storage bins are a great way to organize your home and store your belongings. You can use wooden crates to create stackable storage bins that are perfect for storing toys, clothes, and other small items.

Wine crates make great gift boxes!

3. Make a retro-style bookshelf

If you want a home improvement project that is both stylish and functional, make a retro-style bookshelf out of wooden crates. You can use crates to create a stylish and unique bookshelf that will look great in any room. Pallet wood crate shelves are a great option if you want to create a rustic-style bookshelf.

4 Use wooden crates as decoration

If you’re looking for a way to add some rustic charm to your home, use wooden crates as decoration. You can use crates to create a decorative piece of furniture, or you can use them to create an eye-catching wall hanging. You can also use wooden crates as part of an eclectic home decor scheme. For example, you can use wooden crates to create an interesting focal point in your living room or bedroom.

An end table made from wooden crates is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to any room. The table is made from two wooden crates that have been cut in half. The crates have been sanded and then finished with a coat of paint. The end table is then ready to be used.

5. Use wooden crates as a temporary office space

If you’re looking for a temporary office space that is stylish and functional, wooden crates might be the perfect solution for you. You can use these crates to store your work supplies and organize your desk. You can also use them to store your furniture when you’re not using it.

In addition, storage baskets made from milk crates are a great way to organize your kitchen. You can use these baskets to store your pots and pans, your spices, and your other cooking supplies.

6. Make an Ottoman

A crate can be a great way to add extra storage to your bedroom. You can use a crate as an Ottoman by cutting a hole in the top and adding a cushion or blanket. This will make it perfect for storing clothes or blankets. A small wood crate like this can be a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to any room.

Pallet wood crates or any other wooden crates can also be used to make this type of ottoman. Just be sure to measure the dimensions of your crate before you start cutting.

How to Paint a Wooden Crate

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a touch of personality to your wooden crates, painting them is a great option. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose a color that will work well with the other elements of your crate

First, decide on the main color you want to use for your crate. Once you have that decided, select a complementary color to use as highlights or accents.

2. Start by painting the crate’s base and sides

Apply a coat of paint to the crate’s base and sides, letting it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Add details with a brush or roller

If you want to add more detail to your crate, use a brush or roller to apply paint in specific areas. Be sure to pay attention to the grain of the wood and use light, dainty strokes to avoid creating too much contrast.

4. Finish off the painting with a final coat of paint

Once all of the paint has dried, give your crate a final coat of paint to seal in the details and finish off your project. The possibilities are endless!

How to Decoupage a Crate

Decoupage a crate is a great way to add a bit of personality and uniqueness to your storage options. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Start by removing the crate’s outer layer of wood

This can be done with a saw or a chisel. You’ll want to remove any pieces of the crate that are not directly attached to the underlying wood. The less wood you have to work with, the easier it will be to decoupage the crate.

2. Once the outer layer of wood is removed, start decoupaging the crate

Try using a water-based or a latex-based decoupage to create a variety of textures and patterns. You can also use stencils or stamps to create unique designs.

Using scrapbooks that are themed around crates can be a fun way to add some extra personality to your storage options. Cut out different designs from magazines or catalogs and use them to decorate your crates.

3. Use adhesive to secure the decoupaged pieces to the crate

This can be done with spray adhesive or a permanent adhesive. You’ll want to make sure that the adhesive is dry before you proceed, in order to avoid any damage to the crate.

4. Allow the crate to dry completely before using it

This will ensure that the decoupaged pieces are firmly attached to the crate. Bubbles or wrinkles in the adhesive can be difficult to remove, and can lead to damage to the crate.

5. Enjoy your new crate!

Your new crate will add a bit of personality and uniqueness to your storage options. Whether you’re using it to store jewelry or furniture, wooden crates are a great option.

Using Mod Podge to Create a Wooden Crate

If you want to decoupage a wooden crate using Mod Podge, there are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll need some wood crates. You can find them at most home improvement stores or online. Second, you’ll need Mod Podge and some supplies to create a decoupage. These supplies include a brush, a cloth, and Mod Podge.

To create the crate decoupage, start by brushing Mod Podge onto one side of the wood crate. Then, place the cloth over the Mod Podge and press it firmly against the crate. Finally, let the Mod Podge dry completely. Once it’s dry, you can paint or decorate the crate as you please!

What to Look for in a Wooden Crate

When shopping for a wooden crate, you’ll want to consider a few factors. First, you’ll want to make sure the crate is sturdy and durable. Second, you’ll want to choose a crate that is the right size for your needs. Third, you’ll want to consider the style of the crate. Finally, you’ll want to find a crate that is easy to assemble and use.

While these are just a few factors to consider, wooden crates are a great option for storage and decoration. Don’t wait to find the perfect one for your needs, find one today!

Woodworking Tips

While you don’t have to go to a home depot, Ebay, or Etsy to find best seller furnitures and accessories, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for wooden crates and start your woodworking project.

1. Start with a rough cut of the wood

Before you start cutting the wood, it’s important to take a rough cut to ensure that the final product will fit together well. This will also help you avoid any problems with splitting or warping the wood.

Free pallets can be a great resource for this project. Simply take a look online or in your local classifieds to find a pallet that is in good condition and free of any damage.

2. Assemble the crates using wood screws and dowels

Instead of using nails, screws, or adhesives, use wood screws and dowels to assemble the crates. This will help to ensure that the crates are sturdy and will not collapse under the weight of your belongings.

The rope handles on the crates can also be secured with wood screws. Wooden crate box plans can be found online or in many woodworking magazines. In addition, wooden storage boxes can be found at most home improvement stores.

3. Seal the crates with a sealant

Once the crates are assembled, it’s important to seal them with a sealant. This will help to protect the wood from moisture and dust.

There are many different types of sealants available, so be sure to choose one that is compatible with the wood. Some popular sealants include polyurethane, lacquer, and varnish. You can also use a sealant that is specifically designed for woodworking, such as Minwax Polycrylic.

4. Finish the crates with a finish of your choice

Once the sealant has been applied, it’s time to finish the crates. This can be done with a finish of your choice, such as a polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish.

If you’re looking for a more rustic look, you can also choose to paint the crates. However, be sure to use a sealant first to protect the wood from moisture and dust.


Free wooden crates can be found at construction sites, liquor shops, recycling centers, small garden centers, publishing companies, local grocery stores, and video game stores. Wooden pallets are ideal for long-term use as wood is sturdy and durable. As a matter of fact, they have the ability to carry more weight than cardboard boxes. They also help transport delicate items safely. Items that require an additional level of security are shipped in wooden crates.

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