Can You Print & Copy Documents At Walmart?

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Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop, where you can get everything from dry ice to toiletries. They also offer several in-store services, including bottle return, blowing up balloons with helium, custom cake creation, and auto care.

So, when you need to print/copy a document but don’t have a printer or a copy machine at home, you might wonder, can I print and copy documents at Walmart?

Does Walmart Print and Copy Documents?

No, Walmart does not provide document printing and copying services. Walmart offers printing services for photos, but they don’t provide document printing and copying services.

Given the range of in-store services Walmart does provide, this surprises many. Luckily, there are plenty of other stores that can fulfill your print and copy needs. Many of them also offer other services or goods, so you can still knock multiple items off your to-do list at once.

Stores That Offer Print and Copy Services

The following stores offer print and copy services so you can print any document. Most of them have locations throughout the U.S., making them easy to find and use.

UPS Store

The UPS store is a common stop for packing and sending packages. They also offer complete printing services.

With the UPS store, you can print your single or double-sided documents in full-color or black and white. They offer a variety of paper sizes and can help you with lamination, binding, and folding if you need it.

To save time, you can also upload your documents to their online printing service. Then, pick up the prints at your earliest convenience.


Many use CVS as their local pharmacy but may not realize the store also offers document printing. CVS offers single-sided black and white printing for as little as 19 cents per page.

They don’t offer some of the higher-end services that stores like the UPS store boast. You won’t be able to bind, laminate, or fold your prints here. But, if you simply need something printed fast, CVS can handle it.

Office Depot

You can print or copy documents at Office Depot for a reasonable rate. However, Office Depot really specializes in printing projects, like brochures, banners, or yard signs. If you need a single document printed, they’ll be able to help, but bigger printing services are where they excel.


Staples makes printing documents exceptionally easy. With their print from email option, all you need to do is email your document to [email protected].

When you arrive at their store, you can use their self-service printing machines to select the document you emailed and begin printing.

Your Local Library

Many local libraries offer affordable printing and copying services. If you need to print a simple document, it might be worth stopping by yours. As long as you have a local library card, you should be able to print or copy whatever you need quickly and efficiently.


Walgreens offers both copy and print services. If you need to print a document, all you need to do is head to your local Walgreens store and tell them what you need.

To get the lowest price, be sure to ask for a deal card when you walk in. The deal card will have the prices of all their deals for that day, which can help you save some money.


FedEx Office is a service that offers printing and copying services. With the FedEx Office app, you can print your documents right from your phone. You can also visit their store directly if you want.

Your Local Print Shops/Kiosks

If you don’t have a local library or Walgreens nearby, there are many other options for printing. Your local print shops and kiosks can provide you with a simple printing service for a small fee.


OfficeMax offers a same-day printing service. All you need to do is head to your local OfficeMax store and tell them what you need. They will have the cheapest prices in town.

CVS Photo Center

Whenever you need a gift or a photo print fast, you can place the order on the internet and stop by your CVS store within a couple of hours and pick it up.

Walmart Photo Website

You can quickly print your photos from your desktop or phone. You can also create custom products like Photo Books, Calendars, Blankets, Canvas, Metal Prints, and others.


This is a new way for you to print with the Costco app (iOS or Android). From your palm of the hand, you can order your traditional prints, canvas prints, photo books, and more online. And all that by using the pictures that you already have on your phone or on your social media accounts. Traditional photo prints are sold at only 17 cents a piece.


Kinko’s offers a self-service printing option. All you need to do is find a Kinko’s in your area and go inside. Tell them what you need and they will help you print your document for free.


Kodak is a famous brand of cameras and film. While Kodak no longer produces cameras, they still produce films for various types of photography.

If you need to print a photo, you can go to your local store and ask them to print it for you. However, this will cost more than the standard print service at most other stores.

Can You Print Using iPhone or Android Phone?

Walmart will also allow users to print photos from their smartphones and cameras starting in 2022. You can print them in-store or on, or through the Walmart Photo Prints Plus App.

Other printing shops also offer the same service, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have USB flash disk or don’t want to login to your email account using other people’s computers.

Does Stores Offer Color Copies Service?

Most stores that offer printing services will offer color copies as well. The prices of color copies vary depending on the store, but they are usually a bit more expensive than standard black and white copies.

For cheap color copies, you should head to the local copy shop. They are usually much cheaper than the competition and will print any color you need.

What About Free Copies?

While many stores do offer free copies, they usually only have one type of document available: flyers. The only time you will find free flyers is at a library or with a coupon from a magazine or newspaper.

Other Places to Get Document Copies Made

You can get documents copied at some other local places. For instance, many local libraries offer copying services for a price. If you need some copies made, do a Google search for the nearest library.

Do you live near a university or college? If so, you may be in luck. Many universities and colleges have copy machines available at the student union or the library. If you’re not a student or an employee, it may be necessary to apply for a card to use their copy facilities. However, you may also be able to find a print shop on or off campus.

What about your local courthouse or city hall? Surprisingly, these facilities sometimes have coin-operated copy machines available to the public.

Issues to Consider Before Making Copies

Before you decide where to make your copies, it’s a good idea to consider the following issues:

Cost of the copies: if you need copies right away, search for an express copy service. These facilities usually have your copies ready the same day. However, be aware that express services cost quite a bit more.

Bulk orders may be cheaper: in some cases, ordering copies in bulk can save you money, as most print shops lower the cost per page for larger orders.

Digital file or clear hard copy: you must have a digital file or a clear hard copy for the print service you choose. Otherwise, your copies will be low-quality.

Bear in mind that many copiers can lighten a copy; however, it can’t make it clearer. And if you have a very dark copy, there’s not much the copy machine can do to improve it. So, make sure to have a digital copy or a very clear original to make document copies.

Is Photo Printing More Expensive Than Document Printing?

While photo printing is more expensive than document printing, it is not always the case. If you need to print a picture that you don’t want to spend too much on, there are a few ways to get the best deal.

Photo printing is expensive because of the use of an inkjet printer. If you need to print a picture that doesn’t need to be glossy, you can find cheaper options. You can find inexpensive photo printing services at local copy shops and FedEx Office. These places usually offer black and white copies for cheap prices, with a good quality copier.

You can also get inexpensive color copies from your local library or a Kinko location. Just remember that these places only offer black and white copies.

You can also get inexpensive color copies from your local library or a Kinko location. Just remember that these places only offer black and white copies. If you want high-quality color prints, go with Staples or Costco if they have one near you. Both of these stores have large inkjet printers and will give you high-quality prints for a good price.

The same thing can be said for printing business cards or canvas prints.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, you can’t print documents at Wally World, but you can print and copy at many stores that are likely nearby. Stores like CVS, Staples, or the UPS Store offer affordable document printing services in convenient locations throughout the U.S.

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