Can You Print & Copy Documents At Walmart?

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print and copy at walmart
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Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop, where you can get everything from dry ice to toiletries. They also offer several in-store services, including bottle return, blowing up balloons with helium, custom cake creation, and auto care.

So, when you need to print/copy a document but don't have a printer or a copy machine at home, you might wonder, can I print and copy documents at Walmart?

Does Walmart Print and Copy Documents?

No, Walmart does not provide document printing and copying services. Walmart offers printing services for photos, but they don't provide document printing and copying services.

Given the range of in-store services Walmart does provide, this surprises many. Luckily, there are plenty of other stores that can fulfill your print and copy needs. Many of them also offer other services or goods, so you can still knock multiple items off your to-do list at once.

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Stores That Offer Print and Copy Services

The following stores offer print and copy services so you can print any document. Most of them have locations throughout the U.S., making them easy to find and use.

UPS Store

The UPS store is a common stop for packing and sending packages. They also offer complete printing services.

With the UPS store, you can print your single or double-sided documents in full-color or black and white. They offer a variety of paper sizes and can help you with lamination, binding, and folding if you need it.

To save time, you can also upload your documents to their online printing service. Then, pick up the prints at your earliest convenience.


Many use CVS as their local pharmacy but may not realize the store also offers document printing. CVS offers single-sided black and white printing for as little as 19 cents per page.

They don't offer some of the higher-end services that stores like the UPS store boast. You won't be able to bind, laminate, or fold your prints here. But, if you simply need something printed fast, CVS can handle it.

Office Depot

You can print or copy documents at Office Depot for a reasonable rate. However, Office Depot really specializes in printing projects, like brochures, banners, or yard signs. If you need a single document printed, they'll be able to help, but bigger printing services are where they excel.


Staples makes printing documents exceptionally easy. With their print from email option, all you need to do is email your document to [email protected]

When you arrive at their store, you can use their self-service printing machines to select the document you emailed and begin printing.

Your Local Library

Many local libraries offer affordable printing and copying services. If you need to print a simple document, it might be worth stopping by yours. As long as you have a local library card, you should be able to print or copy whatever you need quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, you can't print documents at Wally World, but you can print and copy at many stores that are likely nearby. Stores like CVS, Staples, or the UPS Store offer affordable document printing services in convenient locations throughout the U.S.

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